Why do you choose us?

Flexibility and individual approach
We will take into account your needs and offer the best solution and technology stack. You will get a competitive fintech application with the ability to scale. This will allow you to quickly respond to changes in a rapidly developing market.

Complete solution
Peiko has a team of professionals providing a full cycle of fintech mobile app development, from prototyping and design to full implementation. We will take care of all the details, which will create a positive user experience and visitor engagement.

Reliability and security
The fintech industry needs an increased level of security. After all, we are talking about customer funds and colossal responsibility. We provide PCI-compliant application development. They are highly reliable and meet bank-grade security standards.

Today's consumers prefer apps that are available on multiple platforms. Our fintech mobile app development company understands this and has the necessary skills and experience to create products that work on a wide variety of operating systems and device types.

Our Full-Stack Finance Software Development Solutions

Peiko is a reliable supplier of fintech mobile app development services that meets all the requirements of modern software. We comply with industry standards and regulations by offering competitive financial products. Among our solutions:

Data analytics
Collect information in a convenient format and get practical value from it for financial purposes.

Complex authentication systems
Ensure maximum security of your customers' data. We are implementing various types of authentication, including biometrics, for various financial institutions.

Today, it is critical to be present on all modern types of devices. We understand this and offer appropriate solutions.

Calculators for managing loans and taxes
The ability to instantly receive calculation results and analyze data with advanced functionality.

Custom reports
The presence of detailed filters and the possibility of flexible settings allow you to generate up-to-date reports.

Payment automation systems
Setting up repeat transactions based on specified conditions, dates, and much more. As a result, customers receive time savings and a positive experience.

Solutions for secure transactions
Enforce industry protocols and regulations to prevent payment data from falling into the wrong hands.

Types of fintech app development services that we offer

  • Financial management

    We create and maintain advanced solutions that allow your clients to track and manage their finance. To do this, experts use current technologies and AI.

  • Lending

    Most financial services become available 24/7. This creates a new reality and demands from consumers. Allow users to receive loans in a few clicks right from home in real-time.

  • Digital Wallets

    The world is rapidly moving online and the demand for fast transfers is only growing. We develop reliable solutions that allow you to send funds in seconds and do it completely securely.

  • Mobile banking

    Our developers know how to create high-tech applications with wide functionality. Your mobile banking will get all the modern features, from account management to complex biometric authentication, etc.

  • Stock Trading Applications

    To ensure an effective trading process, it is necessary to have access to up-to-date and verified information. Our company has the necessary competence to implement projects that allow you to effectively trade shares.

  • Crypto and DeFi applications

    Become part of a field of activity with great potential. It doesn't matter what stage you are at now - you have an asset, or you need a development from 0, we will help you. Peiko experts provide a range of services, from the development of a token to the selection of suitable blockchain technology, etc.

Our approach

  • Careful research

    Before starting development, we will make a thorough analysis, study your needs and offer a solution that will fully meet your goals. After that, we plan the stages of work, select a stack of technologies and coordinate them.

  • Creating an effective UX design

    Designers will prepare a prototype or minimum viable product for testing and review. We prefer clickable initial versions allowing you to create the best UX / UI at the initial stages. After the testing period, the specialists will work on improvements and the development of a converting and attractive design.

  • Quality development

    A team of professional developers led by a product manager will work on your project. Thanks to the use of the Agile principle, you will always be aware of the current status of the project. And the ready-made solution will be safe and meet all standards, protocols, and legislation.

  • Testing and quality assurance

    In order to ensure the high quality of the final product, multi-level testing (automated, manual, unit tests, performance, and security tests) is an integral part of the work.

  • Launch of the project

    We will present the finished product and hand it over to you in full. You can also contact us for further support. We will ensure the expansion of new functions and timely updates of the application.

Technologies we use



React JS

React JS



Node JS

Node JS




  • Is it possible to optimize development costs?

    To save money for our clients, we offer the creation of interactive prototypes. This approach allows you to save time and analyze the reaction of your customers. Creating a prototype takes about 4 weeks. It works like this. You get a clickable prototype and give it to users for testing, collect feedback and make a decision based on it.

  • What is better native or cross-platform development for fintech apps?

    In our work, we prefer native apps. There is a practical explanation for this. The fact is that they provide a high level of security, stable operation, as well as high speed.

  • What are the different types of FinTech software?

    Modern technologies allow us to develop a variety of products, taking into account the needs of customers and the market. However, the most common are platforms for lending, cost optimization, and financial flow management, as well as solutions related to cryptocurrencies. No matter what product interests you, we can implement it.

  • How much will it cost me to develop an application?

    The cost can vary greatly depending on your needs and functionality. For calculation, please contact us in a convenient way.

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