Corporate Website Development Services

The corporate website is a virtual representation of a company. It helps promote its image, develops corporate culture, as well as effective interactions between employees, customers, and partners. A site will inform about the company’s activities, products and services sold, help to perform teamwork on various tasks, maintain CRM databases and workflow, advertising campaigns. Also, it improves internal communication.



Programmers, experts in software development using one or several popular PHP-frameworks.

Project Manager

A Project Manager who works only with you, on one project


Designers with UX/UI experience, good taste, and understanding of current trends.

Manual QA Testing

Manual QA Testing Engineer simulates user behavior and conducts testing based on that behavioral patterns.


DevOps is an engineer managing the server part of the site (as well as server support). He oversees the code release from development to the distribution phase.

How is the process managed within the devteam?

The PM is responsible for developing solely one project. No side projects. It ensures you will get quick feedback, full attention, and compliance with the expectations.

  • Technical Specifications And Commercial Proposal

    To understand the forthcoming task better the PM will ask you questions during the first meeting, over the phone or in writing. Your detailed response will help to understand the purpose\goal of the future project. It will allow us to draw up a thorough TT taking into account the needs of your business. We need to get as much information as possible so that the finished product would be profitable.

    Aa a result of the discussion we issue for your approval a Personal Commercial Proposal with the Technical Task attached. We are putting together a Standard Contract for the project stating the responsibility of all parties. And adding detailed rules for the Act for Service Rendered Acceptance procedure in the annex. The eСommerce website development cost varies depending on the complexity of the tasks, list of requirements, whether or not the post-production support is needed.

  • Prototype And Design

    Based on the TT everybody agreed to, the designer creates UX-prototypes of the future web-pages. Such prototypes (layouts) are made after studying user’s behavior, of how he will interact with the site to perform the target-action. For example, where the visitor of the online store will look and what he’ll click before adding the product to the cart and going through checkout.

    A well-thought-out arrangement of content and interactive elements benefits the marketing effectiveness of the page. It’s the UI design stage what makes schematic layouts and prototypes look more like an interface. The designer draws up prototype-based layouts so that the site is both convenient and attractive. The design is developed taking into account the psychology of color perception, the 2019 UI trends, users habits and their understanding of context.

  • Web Development

    Front-end and Back-end developers turn layouts into interactive pages. The software part of the website is implemented using the latest technological solutions that include protection against viruses and hacker attacks. The code goes through several debugging cycles to improve its speed, efficiency, and stability.

  • Testing

    Manual QA or testing is carried out several times before releasing the site on the Internet. The Testing Engineer checks the site for performance issues using specially designed scripts and interaction models. The Developer immediately corrects all detected errors.

Technologies we use

Angular JS









React JS



Node JS


Vue JS


Transparent UI

Transparent UI

We use the best practices of UI / UX and make your product understandable to the user and eye catching


Even in conditions of gravity and high overload of servers, everything works like a charm


We eliminate any bugs once and for all. Because no one likes them.
Full QA cycle

Full QA cycle

Testing is the key to success, and we know this. None of our projects will be deployed without thorough testing.


We realize all the tasks with scary precision and accurate time frames
One of a kind solution

One of a kind solution

We don't apply any two solutions twice, because we always use a unique approach, and no one would like to see the same old solution.
We know that you are on the path to greatness
Let us give you a hand