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Website Design Development

The first thing the visitor pays attention to on the website is the design and navigation. This first impression determines whether the person will remain on the page or closes it returning to the search or choosing a competitive resource.

Therefore, it is important to entrust the development of the website’s design to qualified specialists. Specialists who will take into account the habits, expectations, and preferences of the target audience when designing the interface.


Important Features That We Implement

When developing the website design, we think through every detail that may seem unimportant at this stage of production but pays off upon release:

  • Calls to action that should motivate, but not force the user to take any actions on the page - sign up for the newsletter, fill out the form, leave a request, make a call; Interactive elements;

  • Branding that will boost brand recognition;

  • The logic behind the content arrangement and the placement of blocks that improves the comprehension of the information.

Our web design studio practices an integrated approach that focuses on the simplification of user interaction with the site. The interface we develop is easy-to-use without additional instructions.


Who Is Involved In The Design Development Process

The PM is responsible for the project. He establishes communication between the team and the customer. He organizes phone calls and adjusts the process according to the owner’s expectations.

Custom website design is being developed by a designer or team specializing in UX and UI. A specialist or a group of specialists follows the latest trends in web design. They know how to apply knowledge and experience in a way that will give a new project maximum attention and user loyalty.


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Transparent UI
Transparent UI
We use the best practices of UI / UX and make your product understandable to the user and eye catching
Even in conditions of gravity and high overload of servers, everything works like a charm
We eliminate any bugs once and for all. Because no one likes them.
Full QA cycle
Full QA cycle
Testing is the key to success, and we know this. None of our projects will be deployed without thorough testing.
We realize all the tasks with scary precision and accurate time frames
One of a kind solution
One of a kind solution
We don't apply any two solutions twice, because we always use a unique approach, and no one would like to see the same old solution.

What clients say

The ambitious and result driven team that will bring your ideas into reality without any compromises and drawbacks.
The team showed great excellence and attention to details while helping us with the task at hand. Would definitely recommend for the cooperation.

How We Develop A Website Design

Web design development begins with the analysis of information received from the customer and through the study of the target audience.

We Compose A Project Brief

The website’s dev-team is formed by the Project Manager, who is assigned to the project. Every project has its own manager. He organizes the initial communication with the client: in writing form or an interview. He finds out expectations, needs, and goals.

Based on this data we compose a Brief that outlines a summary of project ideas. When working with large-scale projects, a product manager and business analytics are also involved in the process.

We Study The Target Audience

How well the site complied with the expectations and inclinations of the target audience determines half the success of the project. Therefore, before starting work on the prototype, the designer studies:

  • Competitors’ websites;
  • Goals and objectives of potential visitors;
  • Information about the target audience;
  • Market analysis of similar projects;
  • The brand book of the customer’s company, if any;
  • Provided examples and suggestions.

Such a comprehensive analysis helps him find the right visual approach to those people for whom the website is being created. At this stage, the technical task is being clarified, cycles of user interaction with the site are compiled, its logic and structure are worked out.



Pages Prototypes UX-based Development

Based on the research, the designer creates the primary UX prototype - a schematic layout of each page of the site. On average, it takes people no more than 8 seconds to evaluate the usability and appearance of the website. If the page seems too complex or does not live up to expectations in some other way, the user is more likely to leave. Nobody has time to figure out obscure buttons and forms.

Therefore, it is crucial to properly work out the interface in terms of convenience before moving on to the visual component. A good layout will:

  • Help the customer and the team to understand what the administrative panel and pages of the site will look like;
  • Allow to visualize actions of the end-user to understand the design usability;
  • Make it possible to change the page structure before the main graphics development.


Custom Website Design Development

Web design on the Internet can be compared to the shop window in the sense that a potential client makes a choice in favor of a particular company by looking at it.

The interface must be convenient, functional and modern, otherwise, no one will be interested in the site. The website design is a cupboard for the information that would be stored there.

At the final stage, the designer turns the schematic prototypes into full-fledged page layouts.

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