Web Platfrom for Financial Analytics

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The main purpose of the project is to create an Internet platform for financial analytics.
The site is designed to collect all the data on the FinApi service from the user’s payment cards and display financial statistics on the dashboard. The balance and other data are grouped into charts to visualize information. Functionality has been developed for calculating future income and expenses by the chosen date that the user plans to live to.

Site’s layout and business analysis of similar platforms on the market.
Developed the data transfer process from the FinAPI service.
Implemented a design solution for displaying data in the form of real cards.
A unique logic has been developed for assessing the income and expenses of funds for several decades to come.
  • Technical Scope
  • Roadmap
  • Project Development
  • QA Testing
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Client’s requests and requirements analysis, the project documentation draft.
A strategic development plan was drawn up along with the decomposition of the project into subtasks and stages.
Work schedule organization.
Website design development, frontend, backend, DevOps, testing.
Current website’s logic improvement, corrections made according to additional requirements.
System backup automatization.
Upon project completion, internal load testing and external user testing were carried out.
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We’re happy with the services they’re providing. The platform has been successful, but I can’t share specific metrics about it as we’re still developing it. We’ve only attracted 500 users so far, but we’ve seen a lot of positive reviews about its speed, ease of use, and security.

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The project was divided into 2 parts - the user part and the dashboard that is managed through the admin panel. The user part is available to everyone with Internet access. Registered visitors have the opportunity to use the admin panel, connect to FinAPI, pull up all the necessary cards, see comparative statistics in the diagrams, and can manage this data. Also, the user can build the chart for the dynamics of personal funds (future income and expenditure that can be accumulated before the retirement and after it), evaluate the information on the graph.

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