About us

Our philosophy, foundation, approach to work, and universal vision

Who are we?

Peiko is a company that develops the most demanding and technically complex web projects improving the quality of products for all the major IT markets in the world.

The company’s mission is to help our clients make the world better by software solutions.

Peiko company's goal is to provide start-ups and major brands with the opportunity to grow and achieve good results, get an additional profit with technological solutions and business tools developed by our company.

Last cases


Astonishing Crypto-Exchange Platform


Auction Service Platform Based on Crypto Currency


Papirus Mobile Applications Development


Aggregator of prices of building materials for all resources of the CIS.

Balneo Travel

Medical Tourism

Our benefits

Transparent UI

We use the best practices of UI / UX and make your product understandable to the user and eye catching


Even in conditions of gravity and high overload of servers, everything works like a charm


We eliminate any bugs once and for all. Because no one likes them.

Full QA cycle

Testing is the key to success, and we know this. None of our projects will be deployed without thorough testing.


We realize all the tasks with scary precision and accurate time frames

One of a kind solution

We don't apply any two solutions twice, because we always use a unique approach, and no one would like to see the same old solution.

About us №1

The system has around 5,000 satisfied users. Peiko has true experts who meet deadlines, address issues promptly, and provide top quality work. Their knowledge, open-mindedness, and dedication ensure a smooth workflow, which contributes to a collaboration that will continue into the foreseeable future.

Roman Yefremenko

Founder and CEO

About us №2

The ambitious and result driven team that will bring your ideas into reality without any compromises and drawbacks.

Victor Bogatyrev

Product Owner

About us №3

Employees of the Company are distinguished by their attentive attitude to the needs and demands of the client, the ability to quickly find the optimal solution, high expertise in the management of the project and high speed of response to incoming requests. I would also like to note the large personnel reserves of the company and their well-organized and coordinated work.

Andrei Khodakovsky


About us №4

The team showed great excellence and attention to details while helping us with the task at hand. Would definitely recommend for the cooperation.

Valeriy Nikiforov


About us №5

Transparent communication, throughout business analysis, attention to details. All of this is the best way to describe the company and team and general. They achieved a great feat and provided the chance for our business to grow even further. The applications are bug-less, easy to manage and great looking. It's nice to have such reliable partners available for cooperation.


Product Owner

About us №6

We’re happy with the services they’re providing. The platform has been successful, but I can’t share specific metrics about it as we’re still developing it. We’ve only attracted 500 users so far, but we’ve seen a lot of positive reviews about its speed, ease of use, and security.

Aleksey Koloskov

Product Owner

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