Node.js Development Company

We offer website development on Node.js for more than 5 years. Creating web projects for B2B and B2C clients all over the world. As a Node.js web development company we provide high-speed web projects capable of managing high-load traffic. As well as further support/maintenance at minimal cost. 

Node.JS Solutions We Offer

Using the best technology for creating flexible and, most importantly, scalable mobile applications and web platforms we are able to satisfy any business need. From e-commerce websites and marketplaces to robust applications. 

We will write functional code, create a user-friendly interface, and develop a unique design for your product.

Node.js Pros and Cons

Node.js Pros and Cons

  • it is an open source platform

  • it creates high-performance networking applications written in JavaScript

  • allows fast product development

  • web projects focused - supports all modern network protocols

  • interacts with all popular databases

Providing Node js development services we are aware of few cons the framework has. Having a lot of experience we know how to use its maximum potential. Moreover, the cons of Node.js are mostly generated by its own flexibility and rapid development:

  • it requires updates

  • inability to handle heavy computing tasks

  • library dependant

Why Hire Peiko Node.js Developers?

Being very popular Node.js is not that easy to work with and requires skill, as well as knowledge of all the subtleties of both front-end and back-end development. We at Peiko have experience with the most popular Node.js packages, frameworks, libraries and modules. Our Node.js extensive knowledge helps us implement various software solutions. 

You will have a devoted team helping you to reach your business goals. Value the reputation of a reliable partner, we are focused on long-term relationships with customers.

Our Node.js Development Process

Our Node.js development process will always include:

  • project analysis\idea discussion
  • developing a technical task
  • product design approval
  • backend and frontend development
  • QA testing

Technologies we Use

When working on Node.js we use Nest JS - a software framework for developing the server part of web applications. As well as Express JS - a minimalistic and flexible framework implemented as free and open source software.

Our Advantages

Our Node js app development company has a devoted team of experts led by project management specialists ready to take on the most complex tasks. Our software development process built on agile methodology provides quick and innovative business solutions. We offer scalable teams for every new project, as well as innovations and support for existing ones.


  • What can you build with Node.js?

    As a Node js application development company we use this technology when high speed is important, creating media platforms, e-commerce and marketplace apps. Node.js is used by the world's largest companies and associations like eBay, Paypal, Yahoo, Netflix, Uber and others.

  • Why is Node.js so popular?

    Speed. Node.js as a powerful mobile app development tool that can sustain high-traffic products ensuring fast transfer of large amounts of data.

  • Is Node.js frontend or backend?

    Node.js is a JavaScript-based framework that is unique in its ability to work both for front-end and back-end development.

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