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Gs Diamonds

Online jewelry store

Ecommerce project for Australia and China jewelry market
Our role
Web Development
Project duration
03.2018 - 11.2019
Type of work
Time and Materials
Gs Diamonds


Gs Diamonds is an Australian owned family business. The company was founded by a married couple with 30 years of experience working with jewelry. They decided to make an online store with additional features for customers.

Tech Stack
React JS
Node JS
Number of sprints
Tasks and challenges

What we had to do

  • Develop UI/UX
  • Customize diamonds import
  • Develop project architecture
  • Implement a feature for product customization
  • Add payment methods

This projects’ structure turned out to be unique in comparison with other sites in e-commerce. The most difficult task was to gather information on stones from all possible suppliers. The nuance is that each supplier has its approach to structuring and uploading/sharing information.

The specialization of the platform with its peculiarities required a special approach to UI/UX. Besides, it was necessary to develop special ring designs customization interface that could allow customers to create a unique product according to the individual parameters and taste.



What was done

We worked with React Js, Node Js, and Laravel on this project.
As the base for the administrative panel, Laravel Nova was used, making the development of CRM easier.

A lot of effort has been invested in UI/UX, optimization, and download speed since organic search is a priority for the site.

The Import/Export of diamonds info has been developed, which imports 150,000 stones at a time. At the same time, it allows to hide or show the stone on the user part. This functionality is necessary because imported diamonds can be sold immediately.

The most difficult challenge of this project was to develop an innovative ring+stone customization interface. While a customer is trying to create desired jewelry, a certain validation process checks if the diamond that was picked for the product will fit.

Moreover, it is possible to engrave customized rings.

  • Import of diamonds
  • The structure of the platform
  • Website optimization for search engines, primarily Google + UI/UX
  • Rings customization feature with stone shape selection
  • Payment systems added
What the client got


According to statistics, online store sales are rapidly reaching the offline sales level. Clients have access to all services provided by experienced jewelers, appraisers, certified gemologists, as well as the best jewelry designers.

The next stage of the project is to develop a new feature for earrings and bracelets customization.

Business Analysis
80 hours
Tasks Decomposition
40 hours
Project Development
800 hours
300 hours
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