Peiko Cryptocurrency Development Services

We create solutions that allow our clients to successfully develop their business and solve their tasks with high quality.

ICO development
If you need an integrated approach, from creation to product promotion, we are ready to help you with this. We provide a full range of services to create and bring to market a successful product.

The Peiko team is made up of DeFi experts. We know how to create outstanding lending, exchange, and betting solutions. With us, you will begin to rapidly develop your business, meeting the requirements of users.

Creation of crypto coins
Today, a huge number of progressive companies choose crypto coins for operations. If you want to become part of the high-tech community by providing a reliable exchange of funds, then develop your digital asset.

Smart contracts
The development of high-quality smart contracts for blockchain platforms is one of the areas that we offer to our clients. We work with open-source blockchain technologies such as R3 Corda, Ethereum, etc.

We provide comprehensive NFT development. Therefore, no matter what idea you have, we are ready to implement it. From creating an NFT trading platform to designing and creating an exchange, and much more.

Individual blockchain development
Do you want to create your blockchain? This is a great solution! Developers will create a flexible product that is fully adapted to your business and goals. We will make sure that it covers all your needs and brings real value to the company.

Key stages of work

  • Exploring an Idea

    We carefully study your request and select the best options for the implementation of the project. At this stage, we determine the technology stack, the concept of the finished product, and form the budget.

  • Design and engineering

    Our experts will create an interactive prototype for initial user experience testing. After that, we jointly prioritize the implementation of the functionality and start working on an attractive design.


  • Development

    A team of experts will work on your project according to a prearranged plan, meeting deadlines and ensuring high quality. You will receive regular reports on the current status of the project.

  • Testing

    An integral part of our work is testing the finished product. We will make sure that the solution works properly and is completely ready for interaction with users. We never release raw products and this is our principled position.

  • Commissioning

    After the implementation of the project, we will present it and provide the source code. You can also always contact us for product support to ensure its timely updates and functionality expansion.


What solutions do we offer for the development of cryptocurrencies and altcoins

Development of a unique cryptocurrency
We create cryptocurrencies that have a reliable bank-grade security system. This will help you gain the trust of users and establish yourself as a reliable company.

Smart contracts
Get a solution tailored to your business goals. Developers will create smart contracts that will 100% solve the assigned task. Just tell us about your needs and we will cover them.

Lightning Network Development
The many years of experience of our crypto development company make it possible to implement projects with an open protocol layer, which allows you to carry out secure and fast transactions using blockchain and smart contracts.

Get all the benefits from this type of blockchain. With sidechain, you will be able to ensure secure transactions and flexible management of various types of cryptocurrencies. This will create a strong product and its successful development.

New Consensus & Algorithm Development
All our solutions are easily scalable and have a high degree of reliability. Therefore, if you need to develop a blockchain using a new consensus algorithm, you can rely on us.

Bots for convenient operations
If you want to keep up with the times, then a chatbot is the perfect solution for your business. With it, you can easily exchange or transfer cryptocurrency in applications such as Slack, Telegram, and Discord.

Fast payments
Users are increasingly choosing cryptocurrencies as their preferred payment method. Allow them to do it simply and quickly, and you will see how rapidly your business grows.

Asset tokenization
Choose only proven solutions and service providers to effectively meet your business goals. We are a reliable cryptocurrency development agency dealing with asset tokenization and ensuring the maximum security of the final product.

Why Organizations Choose Peiko

Usability above all else

Usability above all else

We use the best UI/UX practices to make your product understandable to the user from the first second. To do this, we first create an interactive prototype and carefully test it in real conditions.
Stability and reliability

Stability and reliability

We understand how important the smooth functioning of the finished product is. Therefore, we chose this as one of the key principles of our work. As a result, you can be sure that everything will work like clockwork.
Excluding any bugs

Excluding any bugs

In a highly competitive environment, consumers are not ready to put up with poorly performing functionality. We cannot allow your customers to leave for competitors for this reason and we fix any bugs quickly and permanently.
Multi-level testing

Multi-level testing

Releasing a raw product is not about us. At Peiko, before a release, we test the product at every level. Only after we are confident in the reliability, safety, and convenience of the solution, we can offer it to the market.
Compliance with deadlines

Compliance with deadlines

Time is money. Full awareness of this lies in the process of building our management. We always calculate possible deviations and take them into account when forming the terms. This is the secret to consistently meeting deadlines.
No templates

No templates

Each project has its characteristics, which means it requires an individual approach and we provide it 100%. With us, you will not see template solutions or ordinary products. After all, every project starts with outstanding brainstorming.


  • What is the process of creating a cryptocurrency?

    Cryptocurrency development is a complex technological process that requires deep expertise in various areas, from finance to advanced technology stacks. If you need to create a unique cryptocurrency, you can always contact us. For more details, just contact us.

  • What do cryptocurrency developers do?

    These developers create cryptocurrencies and altcoins, taking into account the needs of the customer. As a result, you get a digital asset that allows you to make various transactions with it.

  • What questions should I ask about crypto?

    If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, the first thing you should know is what they are and what are their key advantages. Looking ahead, cryptocurrency has earned its popularity due to its decentralization. This ensures fast and secure transactions unregulated by any financial institution in the world. If you want to learn more about cryptocurrency, fill out the form on our website and our experts will provide comprehensive answers to your questions.

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