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IGT-Crypto — cryptocurrency exchange

IGT-Crypto — project, which was originally planned to be a basic cryptocurrency exchange, is now a financial platform with its currency and a high security level.
Our role
Web Development
Project duration
01.2018 - 11.2019
Type of work
Time and Materials


Financiers from the IGT Company came up with the idea of a stock exchange that would provide users with safe and reliable services in trading digital assets and fiat currencies. It should be a convenient platform providing service and functionality.

To do that they turned to blockchain development professionals. We were asked to create a landing page, cryptocurrency and a convenient tool for traders in one online trading platform.

Tech Stack
Number of sprints
Tasks and challenges

What we had to do

Create a cryptocurrency exchange platform

Integrate TradingView

Ensure the cryptocurrency exchange for fiat money

Configure the ability to replenish and withdraw fiat money using a payment system

Add Realtime mode to track exchange rates dynamics

Work out the logic of order matching

Develop a unique token

Add the platform to CoinMarketCap listing

After the thorough market analysis and assessment of our possibilities, it became apparent that the future cryptocurrency exchange has the potential for more advanced functionality. Consequently, it will be able to satisfy more needs of the target audience if we were to expand its functionality.

At first, it was necessary to implement a reliable crypto-exchanger. To do this we developed a landing page and a logic behind the token purchase.

It was decided that initially there will be such currencies: USD, EUR, BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH. One of the main tasks — the development and integration of the project’s unique cryptocurrency.

Besides, it was necessary to add the possibility of listing another currency’s token on the IGT exchange.



What was done

A cryptocurrency exchange has been implemented and the logic of its work has been worked out. The project was developed from a UI/UX standpoint, including a convenient CRM system for website management.

An online wallet for storing cryptocurrencies and all the necessary nodes has been installed. Currently, the emphasis is on ICO for the IGT token.

Realtime mode has been implemented for the entire interface including TradingView. This enables users to instantly track exchange rate fluctuations on financial charts.

Implemented the design and software solutions for the landing (exchange platform)

Cryptocurrency storage Nodes were created

Convenient CRM system


Realtime mode for viewing exchange rate data

Token developed using Ethereum

Personal data secured

What the client got


The product has been successfully launched and is already rapidly gathering its audience. At the moment, it is used by more than 2,000 people.

IGT-CRYPTO has a high level of trust, as it has legal registration within the European Union jurisdiction. In addition, the site has a high level of data security, which allows users to be confident and plan long-term cooperation with the trading platform.

The platform provides service, functionality, and security alongside the leaders of the cryptocurrency market.

Technical Scope
80 hours
15 hours
Project Development
500 hours
80 hours
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