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It would seem there is no difference between hundreds of crypto-exchanges.

IGT-Crypto is a project that was originally conceived as a basic cryptocurrency exchange. But after the thorough analysis, it became apparent that the project has the potential for more advanced functionality. Consequently, it will be able to satisfy more needs of the target audience. It was decided that initially there will be such currencies: USD, EUR, BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH. One of the main tasks - the development and integration of its own cryptocurrency.

UI/UX design provided
Nodes created
CRM system implemented, data secured
Unique real-toime experience including trading view provided
  • Technical Scope
  • Roadmap
  • Project Development
  • QA Testing
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Providing a comfortable CRM system for management
It goes without saying that this part is a crucial one as admin should have the opportunity to manage thousands of users.

Deploying all of the necessary nodes
It would not be a crypto-exchange without secured and reliable way to use the fiat currency, right? We thought so as well.

Responsive real-time UI for everything, including trading view
While the design and functionality is good, there should be something else that could bring more UX feel to the service. The fresh real time data that you can track in a moment, combined with the thought out design. That is what makes this platform stand out among others.

High level of privacy and security, as well as backuping
Because we were working with cryptocurrencies it is important to remember that the data should be impenetrable and secure to access. Also, backup is everything, since at this point, losing the data is unacceptable.
IGT-Crypto №1

Roman Yefremenko

Founder and CEO

The system has around 5,000 satisfied users. Peiko has true experts who meet deadlines, address issues promptly, and provide top quality work. Their knowledge, open-mindedness, and dedication ensure a smooth workflow, which contributes to a collaboration that will continue into the foreseeable future.

IGT-Crypto №2

The project has been successfully launched and is already rapidly growing its audience. At the moment, the emphasis is on ICO under IGT token. The project has a high level of data security, which allows users to feel safe.

Interface, speed, security... The IGT-crypto exchange has 5 out of 5, for each of these parameters, which distinguishes it from the rest. Intuitive design, fast application, convenient and understandable graphs of crypto-currency fluctuations are the main advantages of this platform.

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