Frently - a real estate renting service without intermediaries

This marketplace allows to post and search real estate objects for rent/sale without intermediaries.
Our role
Web Development
Project duration
12.2019 - 04.2020
Type of work
Time and Materials


Frently is a young startup from Kyiv. The goal of the project is to make long-term rental housing in Ukraine reliable, convenient and inexpensive. It’s been a year now since the service started to offer simplified apartments search.

Tech Stack
React JS
Number of sprints
Tasks and challenges

What we had to do

  • Provide fast page loading
  • Set ads parsing from different sources
  • Develop algorithms for checking ads and identifying a realtor
  • Create a personal dashboard with the ability to manage ads
  • UI / UX of the project

It was necessary to ensure the fastest speed of page loading for this project. Dou to the high demand for housing in the capital a quick response to all offers is crucial.

We had a task to implement a personal dashboard for users so that they would have the ability to manage their ads. A lot of work was put into the UI/UX of the website.

The adds parsing from different sources was a particularly difficult task because of the ad verification algorithms that had to identify and filter out publications from realtors.



What was done

A lot of attention was paid to the mobile version of the site. The usability of the site is provided not only by its high loading speed but also by functionality. So, users have access to easy-to-use dashboard with the ability to edit and control ads, personal data.

The well-developed UI/UX makes the platform simple and convenient.

An array of different parameters allows the user to filter out the best suitable option.

  • Data and processes optimization allowed to achieve high loading speed
  • A parsing algorithm was set to collect ads from different sources
  • Ads validation algorithm has been developed
  • Personal dashboard
  • UI/UX
What the client got


The project has already successfully helped 25 users. Currently more than 165 apartments are being added every week, 2417 + viewing requests were sent by users, 371+ apartments are available. Dashboard was used by more than 2000 people.

Business Analysis
40 hours
Tasks Decomposition
10 hours
Project Development
600 hours
80 hours
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