P2P betting on a cryptocurrency exchange rate

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The project was developed for people who bet on exchange rates, sporting events, etc. in order for them to earn cryptocurrency.

The main purpose of the project is to create a web platform for trading and betting on cryptocurrency rates' growths/decline based on the binary options principle.

The web platform, project design, and layout development. Code programming to ensure the service is fully operational.
Enhanced security system for the server and site, two-step verification for the users’ funds safety.
Realtime mode is implemented for the entire interface including trading view.
We developed the logic of the game, a betting system that is tied to the Binance exchange rate.
  • Technical Scope
  • Roadmap
  • Project Development
  • QA Testing
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Competitors analysis (main focus - binary options trading).
Technical task development, subtasks decomposition, platform architecture construction.
Website design development, frontend, backend, DevOps, testing.
Current website’s logic improvement, corrections made according to additional requirements.
System backup automatization.
Upon project completion, internal load testing and external user testing was carried out.
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We’re happy with the services they’re providing. The platform has been successful, but I can’t share specific metrics about it as we’re still developing it. We’ve only attracted 500 users so far, but we’ve seen a lot of positive reviews about its speed, ease of use, and security.

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An in-depth analysis and a substantial amount of work were done to develop this product and release it into the network.
Particular functionality was developed that allowed logged-in users to enter private dashboard meanwhile non-logged visitors can only view the site. Registered users have access to the game’s functionality, bonus systems, funds, referral options and more. The main objective of the project has been completed - a secured platform for users to make money by betting on cryptocurrency rates (BTC exchange rate) was developed.

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