Rating platform/social network/forum/community for companies in the oil refining industry

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Rating platform/social network/forum/community for companies in the oil refining industry. It is necessary to solve the problem with the existing imperfections of structure, categories, and a bunch of other functional, as well as informational parts of the service. Also, the old portal needs to be completely redesigned.

A correct and effective structure for the oil industry knowledge database has been developed.
Based on the new structure and expanded functionality, a platform has been made for communication between oil companies, companies providing services. It also helps in evaluating these companies and their services.
The platform serves as a community hab to exchange valuable experience and discuss new technologies, as well as a rating agency for all registered users and companies.
Moreover, it is a marketplace for hosting services and portfolios of completed projects in various areas of the oil industry.
  • Technical Scope
  • Roadmap
  • Project Development
  • QA Testing
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Business analysis:
A large number of materials, ideas and customer requirements have been studied. A thorough analysis of the data provided was carried out. On its basis, a detailed technical task was worked out. It includes a description of all the functionality. All the advantages and disadvantages of similar products on the market were studied and taken into account.

Based on the technical task, the development team selected the most appropriate technologies that will allow finishing the project on time. Based on the requirements for the user part of the interface, the software, and the agreed deadlines, a work plan was drawn up for all dev teams.

To promote the project during its development we keep working on the design and testing to improve the interface and functional part of the service. Plus, analytical tools are been implemented.
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At the moment, we already have features that allow all companies/users to register on the platform, to add information about themselves and services provided, to discuss the most pressing issues and relevant technologies, as well as new approaches in the oil industry.

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