Auction Service Platform Based on Crypto Currency


The tasks represented the full cycle of development with defined roadmap, starting form technical documentation and  going on with design, wireframes and development itself. Also, that icnluded the creation of the token and trading system itself. 

Create the stock trading platform with unique matching

Integration with other platforms to correlate rates and balance market

Flexible account permissions to give great user experience

Full graphical representation of auctions and stocks

Referral system

Betting module for rate prediction

Business Analysis 60 hours
Roadmap 60 hours
Design 120 hours
Project Development 500 hours
Realization of website
  • Providing a platform that had UX in mind with responsive elements that are cut above similar services
Development of full auction cycle
  • The betting system, representation in real time, analytics, admin panel – everything that is essential and crucial for such service, but refined and better.
Deployment of node
  • Node that allows to keep the currency, not only usual and familiar but also a fiat ones. All done with using best practices and efficiency.
Creation of token
  • Smart-contract creation as well as testing it to improve the flexibility of whole platform and increase it's value.
Providing security
  • Making sure that everything is tight and sealed as this is most important point when we are talking about auctions, bets and fiat currencies.
SEO and Backing
  • Making sure that the service will lead its way to the top while always maintaining stability and reliability.

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Victor Bogatyrev

Product Owner


An auction of various goods has been created, the purchase of which is ensured by means of pre-issued cryptocurrency funds, which allows creating greater demand and positively influencing the rate of this cryptocurrency



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