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Looking for professionals to help produce stunning mobile solutions for your projects? Our mobile app development company can help you create multi-purpose applications for e-commerce, healthcare, fintech and other industries. Our solutions are tailored to the main user needs and align with your business branding and style. We provide full-cycle development and implement the necessary integrations to ensure a seamless experience for your app users.

Mobile App Development Services We Offer

As a mobile app development agency with over five years of experience in the industry, we offer various services to properly assist our clients at any stage of mobile app production. In addition, we use the most advanced programming languages and can work with any operating system for mobile apps.

Market analysis 
We run thorough market research and set up the project goals. They fit your needs and align with the latest innovations and mobile app development trends. 

UI/UX design 
To make your mobile apps more interactive, convenient, and intuitive, we develop user interface designs that fit different devices and platforms and meet the key UX principles.

App development 
We can outsource a development team to help you create apps that would perform well on any operating system: we work with both Android and iOS and develop web apps as well. The development framework we use is React Native. 

Application testing
We do not release an app right after we’ve created it. Before the launch, our QA testing team will ensure your mobile app works flawlessly on every platform and device.

Registering apps
Our team can help register your mobile solution on the App Store or Google Play Market. We are well aware of all the possible difficulties you might face and will help resolve them right away.

After-launch support is an essential part of our services — that's why we help your app work smoothly even after multiple update releases and bug fixes.

Our Mobile App Development Process

Our mobile app development services have a well-structured, strict algorithm that we follow to ensure the top quality of every final product.


  • Technical specifications

    Firstly, we research your needs and determine the main points of growth and development. Then, all the platforms and devices you want to include, design requirements or suggestions. Thus, we receive a complete technical task from you. If you don't have any, we have a questionnaire to complete to see the critical aspects of the application: its target audience, key functionality, and monetization peculiarities if your project requires that.

  • Prototyping and design

    Once we have a list of specifications and suggestions from you, we get to prototyping and developing several designs you may like. Our creative team works on the visuals and makes sure to make the user experience as seamless as possible. We pick the font, color palette, icon and button designs, and make sure the overall visual element is appealing and comprehensive on any platform and device.

  • Mobile app development

    The app production begins when we receive a prototype approval and the technical task. Our developers establish server connections and code in the planned app behavior to make it work fast and smoothly. We use up-to-date tools and approaches to develop a simple yet multifunctional app that would meet all the main user needs. 

  • Testing

    We can't release an app without proper testing. We've got an extensive QA team that would check all the necessary aspects before the initial launch. They go through every step a user would take while working with the app to define any bugs or design flaws. To check it all out, our teams use various apps — from SauceLabs and BitBar to Keynote and HockeyApp. Plus, we look at the analytics and fix every possible issue before the launch.

  • Application release and support

    Once we're sure all the testing and improvements are made and the designs look just as you wanted, we can add the final product to App Store and Google Play. Our experts can handle this process pretty quickly. You'll get your new app published fast. We also offer after-launch support and review services. We take care of bug fixes, update releases, and analyze the app performance through services like Distimo, Flurry, and Google Analytics.


Industries We Work With

Whether you're creating an online marketplace or a hotel booking app, we'll help you develop a user-friendly and intuitive solution to help users from all over the world efficiently manage their purchases, reservations, and online orders.

Real estate
With the growing amount of real estate agencies and demand for high-level living standards, companies are looking for solutions to help them stand out and increase sales. We'll help your business increase engagement and drive more visitors with our house- and realtor-seeking apps.

If you want to facilitate data gathering and avoid various medical mistakes, dedicated mobile apps are what you need. With us, you can create apps for convenient medical appointments, getting prescriptions, medical networking, and so on. 

It's no surprise that financial services in technology and their impact on digital transformation are tremendous nowadays, and many startups are choosing this exact path to grow a business. From banking and online payment apps to insurance and mortgage ones, we can create them all and greatly facilitate these services to thousands of people!

Since blockchain and cryptocurrencies are a rapidly growing industry, we can't stand aside. Our mobile application development company offers decentralized, highly-protected solutions for fund management, token exchanges, and many other operations.

Why is Peiko Space Your Top Choice for Mobile App Development?



As an expert in mobile app development solutions, Peiko Space can help you stick to your budget. We use an agile approach and cross-platform development. They allow us to create an app cheaper and faster. We focus on the most valuable work only and help minimize the time spent on each task. Also, we can reuse a significant part of code thanks to cross-platform solutions.
Top-level talents

Top-level talents

We select the top specialists on the market for your projects. All our team members are either middle or senior professionals with years of experience and a variety of trusted certifications.
Profound expertise

Profound expertise

Throughout our experience, we have learned how to work with plenty of operating systems and mobile devices, how to avoid and minimize all sorts of risks, and how to efficiently solve any related issue. We know how much you value time and want to help you out as fast and as effectively as we can. We work on custom projects and can create brand new solutions you can't find on the market.
Customer-oriented approach

Customer-oriented approach

Your business success is our top priority. We understand the importance of every operation and process and take extra care of your product. We want to help you create a mobile solution that would not just be convenient and intuitive but also bring additional value and make your enterprise a worthy competition on the market.
Transparent communication and pricing

Transparent communication and pricing

We value transparency and open communication and believe this is what helps companies strive. With Peiko, you won't experience delays in project delivery or slow responses, just like any hidden fees or extra charges. Our mobile app development firm builds business relationships based on mutual trust and a straightforward attitude.

Technologies we use

React JS

React JS

Node JS

Node JS

Vue JS

Vue JS

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to choose a mobile app development platform?

    If you want to choose the right platform for your future mobile projects, you should consider the following factors: target audience, latest UI/UX trends, user expectations, features, cost of development, and what devices you want the app to run on. You can choose iOS or Android and even stick to a cross-platform solution to reach more users simultaneously.

  • How do cross-platform and hybrid mobile app development differ from each other?

    Hybrid app development consists of both native and web solutions. Working with hybrid apps is a good idea if you're an emerging startup. It's cost-effective and fast in production, though its UI and performance potential don't meet the highest standards. A cross-platform approach allows one to write the code once and use it for app development on a variety of platforms. It's easy to maintain, stable, and safe to work with. Plus, cross-platform frameworks work well if you want to achieve a native-like user experience.

  • What security measures do you take to keep the app secure and stable?

    Some of the main ways to ensure mobile app security are code encryption, authorized API usage, high-level authentication, tamper-detection technologies, multiple testing, proper session handling, and using the top cryptography tools. We have tried them all and can help define the most effective and relevant ones that would fit exactly your mobile solution best. Our team never neglects app security and follows the necessary measures to avoid further problems.

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