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Papirus — specialized online retailer

Mobile application development for Ukraine’s leading office supplies manufacturer, importer and exporter.
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Our role
Development of two native applications for Android and iOS
Project duration
03.2018 - 09.2018
Type of work
Time and Materials


Papyrus is a leading office supplies manufacturer, importer, and exporter in Ukraine. At the beginning of 2017, the company decided to develop an online store customer loyalty program. The main goal was to increase customer loyalty and sales. As well as launch notification for users about promo sales and special offers.

Tech Stack
Number of sprints
Tasks and challenges

What we had to do

Develop two mobile applications for iOS and Android

Set up a backend server for sending and receiving data from apps

Create a smart interface design

Implement data synchronization with 1C

As a beginning, we conducted an audit of available applications on the market that already had some kind of a bonus program for customers.

After using a couple of applications, we noticed that everyone we tested had problems with the speed and responsiveness of the interface, application architecture failures, and security issues.



What was done

We have developed two user-friendly applications for two main mobile platforms - Android and iOS. The product development process included some work on UI/UX interface design and a system for logging (recording and saving) application errors.

A CRM system was made. It became a convenient tool for managing the database of customers and content in corresponding applications. The manager got access to all data and settings through a convenient admin panel.

A soap-server has been configured to work with the application so that push-notifications could be sent to users.

UI/UX interface design

Configured a soap-server for the application

CRM system with admin-panel

An error-logging system

Push notifications to users

A bonus program with the ability to add multiple users to one account

What the client got


The project was successfully launched and exceeded all expectations — within the first month over 1,000 users took advantage of the loyalty system. More than 5,000 push notifications were sent through the application according to the location of the client and the location of the Papirus network stores. At the peak period, before the start of the school season, 30% of customers interacted with the loyalty program through the app. And that was only during the test mode.

Business Analysis
80 hours
Tasks Decomposition
20 hours
Project Development
360 hours
100 hours
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