Development of Mobile Applications for Papirus

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Papyrus is a leading manufacturer, importer, and exporter of stationery products in Ukraine. In early 2017, the company decided to develop a customer loyalty program. The main goal was to increase sales. First of all, we conducted an audit of similar applications available on the market that had a bonus program for customers.

2 Mobile applications for iOS and Android were developed
A bonus program with the ability to add multiple users to the same account has been created.
Implemented SOAP client in connection to 1С that works with the application.
A user-friendly interface and admin panel were implemented
  • Business Analysis
  • Tasks Decomposition
  • Project Development
  • Qa
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Business Analysis
At the first stage, a complete analysis of competitors was carried out. It revealed their shortcomings in the application architecture, security, and interface. According to the results, we suggested all the necessary functionality and rendered prototypes.

Tasks Decomposition
The second step was the technical specifications and design coordination. The development team, together with the project manager, created a technical task and divided it into subtasks.

Project Development
At this stage, we have developed easy-to-use applications for the 2 main mobile platforms - Android and iOS. Also, a CRM system was implemented that helped manage the customer database and content in these apps. CRM system was developed within PHP Laravel framework using MySQL databases.
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Product Owner

Transparent communication, throughout business analysis, attention to details. All of this is the best way to describe the company and team and general. They achieved a great feat and provided the chance for our business to grow even further. The applications are bug-less, easy to manage and great looking. It's nice to have such reliable partners available for cooperation.

Papirus №2

The project was successfully launched and exceeded all expectations since during the first month more than 1,000 users took advantage of the loyalty system. With the help of the application, more than 5,000 push-notifications were sent out. Notifications were configured taking into account the location of the client and the location of the Papyrus stores. During the peak period - before the start of the school season - it was recorded that 30% of customers used the loyalty program through the app, while it was still working in a test mode.




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