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Financial App Development

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We have experience in financial application development for iOS and Android. For many years now Peiko has provided scalable custom mobile banking solutions to startups, small businesses, and corporate organizations. Clients across the finance industry are choosing Peiko`s top technical teams to help reach ambitious goals. 

We offer maximum security, compliance, high performance, and usability of all digital products. Managing and using big data we were able to achieve great success in creating mobile apps with fast transaction processing systems and vast customer databases.

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Benefits of Custom Financial App Development?

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Custom financial app development will provide unique services and support to anyone dealing with funds, money, financial analysis, and payments. Everyone who regularly pays with a card in a store, makes transfers, takes loans, and opens deposits, as well as uses other advantages of the financial system. Giving control over personal finance together with a fast, seamless experience.
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A specialized mobile application is a prerequisite for choosing a financial partner. Having a custom financial program will attract new customers and increase the loyalty of regular ones. It will help to expand the business, always be in touch with customers and stimulate them to use your services and/or products.
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The capabilities of the custom program depend on the business requirements and the needs of the end user. We use modern technologies to make mobile applications flexible and allow them to either supplement the functionality of an already working service or create a totally new one.
About services

What is Financial App Development?

Financial application development is a specialized software programming process aimed to create a multifunctional finance-related tool: from personal financial planning to investment and trading. Such software is designed to carry out specific financial tasks using a mobile (phone or tablet) device. Financial apps serve different purposes, based on the targeted audience it was tailored for:

  • investors
  • managers
  • accountants
  • crypto-traders
  • bankers, etc. 

There are programs for wealth management and home budget control. Tailored to a specific user, whether it is a financial institution or a person, the fin app offers personalized, performance-oriented experiences. Such technological innovations not only solve particular problems but allow in-depth analysis and speed up transactions.

In this day and age the smartphone application is a mandatory part of any business ecosystem, without which the service provided to users will be incomplete. That is why mobile app development financial services are in high demand. 


What clients say

The ambitious and result driven team that will bring your ideas into reality without any compromises and drawbacks.
The team showed great excellence and attention to details while helping us with the task at hand. Would definitely recommend for the cooperation.
About services

Our ROI-focussed Finance App Development Services

Peiko will develop highly secured apps for mobile banking, trading or payment service. A smartphone with Internet access will be enough for the user to receive all the benefits and advantages of your financial services. 

We combine all the most requested functions with a simple and convenient interface. Using technologies and solutions that will ensure fast and stable operation of all programs on various smartphone models we can guarantee efficiency and profitability of the digital product.

Working on an app, one of the important aspects for us is data security. This is one of the priorities when creating a fintech app. It deals with highly valuable personal information and users expect it to be preserved. Our developers will make sure that the application is resistant to fraud, data leaking, and hacking. Passwords and payment information will be securely protected.

Our manager will advise on all the issues that may arise. A team of developers and marketers will offer you a concept for the future of the application. We can work based on your company's brand book or develop the application from scratch.

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Should you incorporate blockchain or cryptocurrency into an app?
With the rising popularity and demand for cryptocurrency and its blockchain technology, many companies are trying to use these features in financial applications. If you are a pro on crypto-market and creating custom cryptocurrency as one of the pillars of your business - that is one thing. There can be FinTech apps designed specifically for that. But if your customers don’t use it or are uninterested - that would be a waste of time and money. You need to have not only your business process but a target audience to be analyzed first. Implementing a blockchain framework is a complicated process that requires resources, transaction speed, data transparency, security and storage, compliance with certain standards, etc. There needs to be a detailed plan and a goal for using blockchain. Will your business even benefit from this technology? What can it offer to our customers? These and other questions must be answered beforehand.
What are the best approaches for designing FinTech apps?
Having UX design as one of the priorities would be the best approach for FinTech apps development. Taking into account user experience will provide a solid base for creating an easy-to-use helpful tool. That brings us to usability testing - another important step to ensure the stability and potential success of the product. You can start with MVP (minimum viable product) versions to test features and collect data for future improvement. And last but not least - feedback. Collect info from users to locate and fix pain points.
How to maintain user engagement?
Engaging and maintaining user interest is critical to the success of a FinTech program—if no one is using it, it will not provide enough return on Investment. Here is how you can support and maintain user engagement: Interactivity - adding share/like functions, suggestions, and assistance. Personalization with a smart interface, personal notifications. Bonuses and achievements. Regular updates. Surveys and other ways of gathering feedback.
Are there any pitfalls for FinTech apps?
FinTech apps can have the same problems as any other app. Although security aspects are the most important to consider, it is usually some interface problems that create the most issues. Given the intricacy of the theme, it is vital to provide the customer (end user) with a thought-out design and logical structure. Target audience mismatch is a prevalent mistake as well. You need to stay focused on a specific end user. Keep in mind future updates and product progress.
How much does it cost to make a Financial mobile app?
The price of having a custom financial app areated for you mainly depends on the difficulty of the project. The more functions you're planning to include in the final product, the more time, people and thus money its development will take. This is generally not the easiest task, especially if you want to offer maximum features. The price will also change depending on whether you want two separate apps for iOS and Android or one cross-platform. When all the details are agreed, goals established, and the tasks for the project are planned, we will be able to reveal the cost of the development and the lead time of the finished product. These obligations are fixed in the contract.

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