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Mobile application development for Ukraine’s leading office supplies manufacturer, importer and exporter.

Bitcoin Additional

Bitcoin Additional is a convenient and functional mobile cryptocurrency wallet. It supports transfers to the list of contacts, works with various coins and has an offline payment function.

Quan2um App

Quan2um is a cryptocurrency exchange with the ability to buy and sell Bitcoin, Bitcoin Additional and other altcoins. Since the majority of users prefer to use smartphones, it was decided to develop a mobile application. Today it provides fast and convenient use, and allows you to trade and monitor the market situation from anywhere.

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74 reviews
Transparent communication, throughout business analysis, attention to details. All of this is the best way to describe the company and team and general. They achieved a great feat and provided the chance for our business to grow even further. The applications are bug-less, easy to manage and great looking. It's nice to have such reliable partners available for cooperation.
Employees of the Company are distinguished by their attentive attitude to the needs and demands of the client, the ability to quickly find the optimal solution, high expertise in the management of the project and high speed of response to incoming requests. I would also like to note the large personnel reserves of the company and their well-organized and coordinated work.

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Top Blockchain Company
Top Blockchain Company
Peiko is listed as the Top Blockchain Company in 2023 by Clutch
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Top Web Developers
Peiko is listed as the Top Web Developers in 2020 by Clutch
Top Mobile App Development Company
Top Mobile App Development Company
Top Mobile App Development Company
Top Web Development Company
Top Web Development Company
Peiko is listed as Top Web Development Company by GoodFirms

Our Input In App Design Development


Store, Google Play, Windows Store
The icon, screenshots, and description of the application in the store is the first thing people see when looking at the new app. These elements give the notion of what users will get after downloading or buying the app. Developing them we focus on those important features that can grab people's attention and present any (even basic) functions as something unique.


Screen-by-screen development and their logical connection
A modern application should be logical and understandable to the user. The main goal of the designer is to assemble multimedia, functional and visual blocks in a way that the target audience can install and use the app without any instructions. Mobile app interface design is always the result of thorough market analysis and an understanding of the target audience's expectations.


Appropriate naming for the elements within the interface
Appropriate naming for the elements within the interface: button labels, forms, guides, calls for action, feedback requests. Text is an integral part of the interface, it directly affects the usability. Correctly built communication and understandable calls for certain actions will boost the users loyalty.


Linking the application to the website
Linking the application to the website, brand, making correct associations to maximize the user’s engagement. An application is part of the company’s Internet representation, which means that it must be organically integrated with its brand. To make the integration seamless and natural we use the brand book, as well as all kinds of elements that will connect the app to the website, adding social networks accounts and providing some additional opportunities for members of the brand’s community.

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Deep industry expertise

Our blockchain development company has a wealth of experience in the market since 2017, having completed over 25 successful blockchain projects. With this knowledge and expertise, we are fully equipped to assist you in achieving your desired results!

Full-cycle development

From idea assessment to post-launch maintenance, we've got you covered. Our team of expert business analysts, project managers, designers, developers, and QA specialists is ready to take your project to the next level and create a one-of-a-kind solution.

Dedicated team

We'll build a team that's perfectly tailored to your requirements in the shortest time possible. Our experts will be deeply engaged in your project, not just technically, but also in understanding your overall business goals and needs.

Transparency & Flexibility

We utilize convenient channels of communication, adhere to NDA requirements, and regulate the development process in accordance with EU and US laws. Moreover, with our experienced developers, you can easily and quickly adjust the size of your tech team, enabling your project to reach new heights.

The Process Of Mobile App Design Development

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Data Gathering And Market Analysis

The design development process starts with the information provided by the client about his goals and vision. Other important data we get as a result of a thorough market analysis where we evaluate competitors and determine the target audience.


User-flow Design And Prototypes

User-flow is a schematic description of users’ interaction with application screens. The designer draws up diagrams to build the logic of the future interface and connect its corresponding app functions.

To visualize the user-flow, the designer creates “wireframes”. Such sketches help to notice flaws in the logic, how easy is it to interact with the app and evaluate the simplicity of the interface before proceeding to the programming part.


Screen Layouts

The designer draws mockups of application screens based on prototypes. As a rule, if the client does not have specific requirements for the palette and patterns used, the designer makes several design options to choose from. At this stage, one can already understand how the design will look and test an interactive prototype of it.


Preparing Layouts For App Development

At the final stage, the designer prepares layouts for app programming. He gets all the documentation ready in case some new screens for the app have to be added or for future renovation of the app itself.

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