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Node JS vs JavaScript

Node JS vs JavaScript

Node js vs JavaScript

Every year there are more and more programming languages, but JavaScript does not lose its relevance and relevance to this day. Its popularity is due to the relative ease of use and high performance of the finished product. The language is used for any dynamic solutions, when creating applications, websites, games, etc. Therefore, most programmers cannot do without it today.

JavaScript requires browsers or frameworks such as Node.js to run. They expand their functionality and make working with them more convenient and faster. Let's understand the definition and benefits of Node.js, and also look at the JavaScript vs Node js comparison chart.

JavaScript: definition

Javascript (JS) is one of the oldest programming languages, dating back to 1995. Despite its age, it still does not lose its demand and has a high title of “quality” technology.

JS allows you to develop and integrate animation, multimedia, and any other updated content on any platform. With its help, interactive pages for websites are developed, and games and applications are processed.

But Javascript execution is only possible on the client-side through the browser. To solve these inconveniences, Node.js appeared.

Advantages and Disadvantages of JS

The main benefits of Javascript include:

Enable cross-compilation.

Compatible with various programming languages.

Applicable to the development of both external and internal interfaces.

Suitable for creating products of varying complexity.

Forms an open-source platform.

Is an indispensable technology for the development of websites and applications.

Despite its many unique features, the language has its disadvantages:

One mistake is enough for the entire platform to stop functioning.

Due to the availability of the language, there is a high probability of a security threat.

Does not support remote access, so it cannot be used for network applications.

Does not have strict typing and interpretation rules.

Sometimes it is not possible to quickly and timely find a code error, especially in the early stages.

To provide at least some security, there is no support for reading and downloading files on the client-side.

JavaScript is a high-level language, but without add-ons and frameworks, it is not very adapted to all the realities of new technologies. This largely prevents him from demonstrating all his abilities.

Node.js: definition

Node js — JavaScript runtime that allows it to be server-side and work with it without using a browser. It transforms Javascript from a narrowly focused language into a general-purpose technology. Node.js has a large number of modules and is compatible with all operating systems.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Node.js

The main advantages of Node.js:

Has asynchrony, which is suitable for the simultaneous execution of several tasks at once.

Is open-source.

Opens access to the system for several users at once.

Has an open-source code that opens up unlimited possibilities for work.

Provides high scalability, thanks to the event mechanism.

Does not buffer data.

Provides sufficiently high performance and speed.

Is a cross-platform framework that runs on Windows, MAC, and Linux.

Has a high speed of work, thanks to the Google Chrome V8 engine.

But due to several shortcomings, Node.js can't handle absolutely everything:

Unable to cope with heavy computational tasks.

Thanks to asynchrony, it uses callbacks, which often complicates the program and the code itself.

The constant need to make edits to keep up with the frequently updated API.

Node.js provides a more flexible development process, so without it, working with JS will be very limited and take an order of magnitude longer.

Difference between JavaScript vs Node js

There are many differences between JS and Node.js:


JS is a non-open source programming language that runs on any of the JS Engine browsers, while Node.js is its open-source runtime. The latter is filled with many add-ons for a better JavaScript experience.


JavaScript is most often used to run a single web application on the client-side, while Node.js performs multiple tasks at once on the server-side. The latter also allows you to run any operating system and access it. With Node.js, you can get any information or perform multiple tasks without the OS locking up.


JS can run on multiple engines, making coding fast and easy. You can also put the application in any working environment. Node.js only runs on the V8 engine (Google Chrome). But due to the possibilities of JS, this problem does not lead to limitations.


JavaScript complies with Java standards, and Node.js complies with C ++, which offers the V8 engine for running JS. Moreover, any program written in this language can be run in any of the browsers.

It follows that Node.js is a feature-packed tool that simply enhances the capabilities of JavaScript. It allows you to create high-tech software, applications, and other products of high quality and much faster.

TOP 3 most popular projects created with Node.JS and JavaScript

A large number of well-known projects around the world use Node.JS and JS. This fact speaks for itself. Technology deserves attention. And we have compiled a list of the TOP 3 companies that choose Node.JS and JS.

This is an online payment service that has become popular all over the world. It allows you to transfer funds from your cards in a few clicks. However, no financial information is required.
The company was founded by an entrepreneur known for his innovative ideas, Elon Musk. However, in 2002 it was taken over by eBay.

One of the most used stock sites. Here you can buy or sell images, vector art, illustrations, music, videos, and more. The company has been publicly traded since 2012 and has a market capitalization of $2.19 billion as of May 2022.

This is a large educational platform aimed at mastering a wide variety of subjects. Users create their study cards and can share them with others. The service was originally developed by student Andrew Sutherland and was intended for learning French vocabulary in high school.


JavaScript has been one of the technology leaders for over 25 years. But without additional extensions, it has a narrower focus of use. Node.js allows you to interact with technology from the server-side, which makes JS more functional. If you want to develop an application or start your IT journey, this environment is the place to be. Thanks to it, you will receive a high-quality and competitive final product.
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