The Man Behind Peiko's Success

The Man Behind Peiko's Success

Team Organization
To meet the increasing demands of the tech industry, Maksym and Dmytro, a dynamic duo from Ukraine, leveraged their years of experience and skills to establish Peiko a full-cycle software development company.
In an informational interview with GoodFirms, Co-Founder Maksym Lavrinenko talks about the inspiring path and success story of Peiko.
Peiko is a cutting-edge software and blockchain development company that has been providing high-quality tech solutions to startups and established businesses for the past six years. With its headquarters in the USA, Peiko has successfully completed over 189 projects in industries like Blockchain, Fintech, E-commerce, and more. The company has experienced continuous growth while serving clients from 25 countries worldwide.

During the interview, Maksym discusses his role as a founder and the pride he takes in leading a team of exceptional professionals who are passionate about creating scalable products.

Such a productive team, lets Maksym focus on enhancing services and workflow. As a Co-Founder, he sets strategic challenges for the team, motivating them to achieve their goals and contributing to the company's future growth.

How did Peiko Come into its Inception?

Maksym sheds light on the inception of Peiko, which stemmed from their realization of the need for experienced and well-coordinated staff to support customers throughout the development process. Over the years Peiko has grown into a thriving company with a dedicated team working on significant projects, bringing countless customer ideas to life.

According to Maksym, what sets Peiko apart is their unique approach. He with his partner leverage their profound knowledge and expertise to make meaningful contributions to each project. In turn, the Peiko team collaborates closely with clients, ensuring the success of every endeavour. Their effective strategies have helped numerous businesses secure substantial funding, earning the trust and loyalty of their clients. Thus, the company is determined to create quality IT products for significant global markets.

Company's Business Model

Peiko excels in providing adaptable outsourcing and outstaffing web services, complementing their clients' in-house workforce. The team understand the specific needs of their clients and offers flexibility in modifying project requirements without additional fees or penalties.

With a focus on long-term collaboration, Peiko guarantees successful outcomes for their clients by offering a wide range of options, such as flexibility to modify project requirements, open budget, and long-term collaboration.

Why Does Maksym Think Peiko is Different from Others?

Maksym attributes Peiko's success to their distinct approach. According to him, the team at Peiko utilizes their extensive knowledge, skills and experience to make significant contributions to their projects. They work closely with their clients, aiming to ensure the success of each project. To understand why Peiko is highly regarded by its client base, one can refer to its impressive list of clients.

Industries Served and Services Provided

Maksym elaborates on Peiko's expertise in offering innovative solutions in various industries. They excel in developing Crypto Wallets, Exchanges, Software-as-a-Service, NFTs, DeFi, Smart Contracts, Cross-Platform solutions, MVP creation, and CRM/ERP for industries such as FinTech, Retail, Blockchain, Healthcare, E-commerce, and Traveling platforms.

The team's versatility and adaptability enable them to accommodate multiple scenarios and tailor product development according to client's goals. Peiko is recognized as the top blockchain development company in the USA top blockchain development company in the USA by GoodFirms and enjoys a global reputation for its exceptional services.

Customer Satisfaction and Support

Maksym and his team understand the significance of building respectful and trustworthy relationships with their clients. They possess a clear understanding of client's needs and continuously explore practical options to enhance their delivery methods. Even in the face of challenging circumstances, Peiko readily provides solutions. Their unwavering commitment helps clients achieve their goals, leading to a loyal customer base that contributes 20-25% of Peiko's total customers.

Primarily, Peiko supports its customers using the SCRUM methodology. They prioritize clients' unique requirements to ensure successful product launches.

Company's Payment Structure

Maksym introduces a unique approach to project management by dividing projects into equal segments scheduled for two-week intervals. A small margin is allocated for minor deviations, which rarely exceed 10% to 20%.

Peiko employs a transparent and efficient payment process, requesting clients to make prepayments every two weeks. This approach allows clients to maintain control over project costs and progress, enabling them to allocate their budgets wisely.

Budget and Price Estimations

The development budget for a simple MVP product starts at $30,000, covering frontend, backend, project management, quality assurance, and DevOps. Basic working prototypes can be created within the range of $10,000 to $12,000. Peiko also offers design projects as standalone services, starting from $2,000.

The minimum cost for mobile prototype development begins at $9,000, while the minimum price for a finished product is around $12,000. Depending on the project requirements, the maximum cost can exceed $500,000.

Peiko's Future Plans

Although predicting the future can be challenging, Peiko and its team have set a clear goal to be listed among the "Global Outsourcing 100 - Rising Stars" rankings published by IOAP. Their aim is to achieve a position among the top 500 participants by 2027-2028. The company believes it can fulfil this vision within the next five years and is prepared to overcome any obstacles as a unified team. They are driven by a strong sense of pride in their future accomplishments.

Maksym concludes the interview on a positive note and expresses gratitude to GoodFirms for their crucial role in Peiko's professional journey. The can be found on Peiko's company profile page at GoodFirms.

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