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TBT — Insurance coverage for your valuable asset

Insurance Broker is an independent consultant who provides risk management services to its clients.
Our role
Web Development
Project duration
06.2018 - 01.2019
Type of work
Time and Materials


TBT Company is a steadily developing organization in the European market. The company is an independent consultant that provides risk management services and develops corporate client insurance programs.

TBT contacted us to create a more convenient site from both the user and the administrative side.

Tech Stack
React JS
Node JS
Number of sprints
Tasks and challenges

What we had to do

  • Develop a corporate website for an insurance broker
  • Create a personal dashboard for users
  • Implement a microservice for users’ data import

Our job was to create a high-quality corporate website with fast page loading so that it would be convenient for users and also “attractive” for search engines.

The second part of the project is the user's dashboard. It must provide company clients with quick access to information, account management, and necessary help.

When developing a personal dashboard the main challenge was importing user data and ensuring its safety.

Another difficulty in creating a new site was the existence of the old one. After all, it was necessary to draw up a complete map of redirects and configure everything correctly.

The third major complication was in dynamic forms that are unique to each section of the site.



What was done

The technical task allowed us to make a list of all the necessary features a new corporate site must have.

A site management system was created. Its administrative panel allows to enter content and manage customer requests easily.

To transfer user data (and there were more than 20,000 clients) from the old site, we developed a microservice. By using it we were able to transfer information portionwise and updated it as needed. Thus we had the most current data in the dashboard.

Caching helped us to speed up the users' interface. It improved the interactions with the dashboard and the whole website in general.

  • Technical task
  • UI/UX interface design
  • Added module for data import/export
  • CRM system for managing user requests and content
What the client got


As a result of our dedicated work a new corporate website was developed, as well as a personal dashboard for insurance service customers. A management system for all project entities has been implemented. It includes a flexible parser for quick work with the company’s external documents.

The administrative panel of the site allows the manager to separate user roles by responsibilities\access level. This access control provides more control and security.

Further development of the project will include connecting API services to provide the company's customers with the most relevant information locally.

Technical Scope
80 hours
25 hours
Project Development
550 hours
70 hours
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