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Medical tourism has been getting more and more popular lately. Balneo has gathered the experience of all previous platforms in the field. Currently, it is a fast-growing platform that unites the leaders in medical and health tourism in the CIS countries. The product allows guests to choose a suitable clinic or resort by different parameters using the extended search, such as diagnosis, medical indications and contraindications, procedures, therapeutic factors, and many others. is a service that helps to find the most suitable medical facility that will include meals, treatment procedures, and other services in the medical tourism segment. The user would be able to get to know about all the services available and make reservations. The hallmark of the service is the availability of filtering options for a variety of treatment requirements, procedures and so on.

Frontend optimization
Admin panel renovation
Additional functionality for booking added
Payment systems integration
  • Business Analysis
  • Tasks Decomposition
  • Project Development
  • Full QA cycle and release
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Structure Analysis
Structural analysis of the project, code review, highlighting weak sides of the project, lead generation mechanism research

Business Analysis
Analysis of requirements, competitors, and consumer behavior

Tasks Decomposition
Creating a work plan and breaking tasks into defined organized sprints

Project Development
Building the new architecture and adjusting databases
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Andrei Khodakovsky


Employees of the Company are distinguished by their attentive attitude to the needs and demands of the client, the ability to quickly find the optimal solution, high expertise in the management of the project and high speed of response to incoming requests. I would also like to note the large personnel reserves of the company and their well-organized and coordinated work.

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Currently it is a specialized platform with a quite fast pace of growing. Platform connects leading experts in medical and recreational tourism in Europe and CIS region.

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