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Balneo Travel — medical tourism project

Service for searching and booking hotels/resorts, including options with meals, medical procedures and so much more.
Czech Republic
Our role
Web Development
Project duration
01.2018 - 05.2018
Type of work
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Balneo Travel


Medical tourism has been in great demand lately. Balneo gathered the experience of existing sites in this segment. At the moment, this is a rapidly developing specialized platform that brings together the leaders of medical and health tourism throughout the CIS countries. The site provides advanced search capabilities, that allow you to choose the right resort taking into account the smallest details, such as indications and contraindications, procedures, medical factors, and many others.

Tech Stack
Number of sprints
Tasks and challenges

What we had to do

  • Integrate Payment Systems
  • Set up a connection with the Terma Travel
  • A CRM system for data administration and customer service
  • Implement additional functionality
  • To optimize and speed up the user interface
  • Provide fast loading speed of the platform on mobile devices
  • Prepare the site for search engine optimization

As part of the project’s development, it was necessary to enable the user not only to get acquainted with all available accommodation options according to the given parameters but also to make their reservation. It required the construction of a new architecture and a database change.

Balneo Travel takes all the necessary information about the hotels and their booking options from Terma Travel — the largest European tour operator in the spa tourism segment.

One of the complex tasks was to configure the site with Terma Travel so that the visitor won't feel delays while using the Balneo Travel website.

We decided to partially reprogram the Terma Travel API to the needs of our project. These changes made it possible to avoid a delay in data loading and processing.

Service optimization is important not only for the user but for Google as well. The goal of Balneo is to reach top search engine positions in the organic search listings.



What was done

To speed up the data interaction between Balneo and Terma Travel, we decided to switch to the Rest API. It provides a constant exchange of information between the two services.

Since Balneo Travel is aimed at users who come from organic search, we carried out all the necessary work on search engine optimization. The main goal is to make the resource as SEO-oriented as possible. To do this, much attention was paid to setting up the mobile version of the site, accelerating its work using caching services such as Memcached and Redis.

Also, the optimization of the image loading process (lazyload) was provided.

  • UI/UX interface design
  • Speed up data loading process
  • Integration with Terma Travel
  • Booking system implemented
  • Payment systems connected
  • Created an administrative panel to work with content
  • CRM system developed
What the client got


As a result, the user part of the website was optimized, an admin panel was created to work with applications and content, a functional for the flexible search provided.

A distinctive feature of the service is the convenient array of filters to search for the rooms according to various requirements (treatment, procedures, etc.). At the moment we are conducting market analysis to track competitors and further optimize the resource.

Other necessary functions are being integrated, such as a personal dashboard for partners. This will allow Balneo to create offers not only through the API but also directly from the service. Moreover, we are planning to launch a mobile application soon.

Business Analysis
60 hours
Tasks Decomposition
30 hours
Project Development
500 hours
60 hours
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