Custom Application Development Company

Looking for an app that will help you reach your business needs? Our custom application development company can build you one! Get an efficient tool to interact with and engage your customers or boost your internal operations.

Benefits of Custom Application Development

  • Unique product

    Custom-built applications are tailored to the requirements of your organization. Therefore, they have all the features and functionalities to help you nail your business goals.

  • Improved productivity

    With custom application development services of a reliable partner, a business can arm its employees with tools perfectly suitable for their tasks. As a result, the work gets done more swiftly and efficiently.

  • Superior customer engagement

    Custom mobile apps allow businesses to offer their customers personalized news, updates, and notification about their services and products. Also, companies can monitor customer behavior and preferences to get valuable insights to use in their marketing strategies.

  • Enhanced security

    By building a custom app, you ensure the security of your business data and the personal data of your customers. The development team will take all necessary precautions to keep sensitive information safe.

  • Better scalability

    Custom software solutions are designed with business growth in mind. They can easily handle the increasing size and complexity of your operations, retaining their productivity and functionality.

  • Easy Integrations

    Custom applications are often better equipped to integrate with other software solutions than off-the-shelf software. Hence, they will easily fit into the existing software ecosystem of your company without causing any disruptions.

Why Choose Peiko for Custom Application Development?

Top-level talents

Top-level talents

Our recruitment model and a large talent pool ensure the high quality of our software developers. Their versatile experience will equip them with all the skills and knowledge they may need for your project.
Profound experience

Profound experience

Years in the web and mobile development market allowed us to accumulate a large experience in custom application creation. Therefore, we can find the best way to build a solution perfectly fitting your business goals.
Versatile expertise

Versatile expertise

Our custom app development company can assemble teams operating various technologies. See the Tech Stack section to get an idea about our tools. We will build your application using cutting-edge instruments.
Customer focus

Customer focus

Fostering the prosperity of your business via top-notch software is our key objective. Our custom app developers take pride in their work. At the start of any project, we do our best to research the client’s business and find the best way to help.

Our Custom Application Development Services

Our custom application development company covers the full spectrum of services concerning building, launching and supporting mobile apps.

  • Market analysis

    Our experts can evaluate the existing solutions on the market to provide you with a vision of a breakthrough product.

  • UI/UX design

    Our designers can create a UI and UX that fit both your business objectives and end-user preferences.

  • Applications development

    We create reliable and easy-to-use apps for iOS and Android that work on a wide variety of devices.

  • Application testing

    Out QA specialists will hone your app to perfection, checking and rechecking it for bugs that might spoil the user experience.

  • Registering and supporting apps

    Once the app is ready for release, we will help submit it to App Store or Google Play and provide technical support.

Technologies we use



React JS

React JS

Node JS

Node JS

Vue JS

Vue JS



Cooperation Models We Offer

With our custom application development agency, you can choose between two cooperation models. Pick the one that suits you best!

Dedicated team
We can provide a team of app development professionals to cover all the needs of your project. You are free to manage the work of a dedicated team as you see fit. We will take care of the administrative hassle and provide the necessary infrastructure. This cooperation model is the best choice if the project scope can’t be strictly defined and the requirement may change.

Time and materials
In this case, you pay for our specialists' time and effort (‘materials’) spent while working on your project. Thus, you can be more flexible with setting priorities for your project and its budget. Increased flexibility comes with the requirement for your involvement in the workflow. But don’t worry, our project managers will keep the project on the right track and inform you of its progress. 


  • What is custom software development?

    Custom software development is the process of developing and designing a software solution exclusively to meet the needs of a specific business. As off-the-shelf products don’t always have all the necessary functionality, custom software is created to fill the gap for a particular company.

  • How does your custom application development company manage changes in requirements?

    Project requirements may evolve during the development process. The cooperation models we offer allow for that. The management of the dedicated team is in your hands. If we cooperate on a time-and-materials basis, you will have to take into account the impact of changes on the project timeline and, therefore, overall cost.

  • Do you take into account the peculiarities of a particular business while working on custom applications?

    During the discovery phase of our cooperation, our analysts dive deep into your business goals and processes to specify the project requirements. Also, we take into account the domain you operate in. Then we use our extensive experience in application development to suggest the best way to achieve your objectives.

  • Can you take over the existing project and improve the app?

    Yes. We are familiar with a large stack of technologies, so our team can cope with any custom application development project. Our experts will analyze your software project initially developed by another software vendor and decide on the takeover strategy.

  • Do you support and maintain the custom apps you build?

    Technical support is one of our custom application development services. We will assist you in tracking bugs and eliminating them to keep the experience of your users as smooth as possible. Also, we can improve or develop additional features for your app to help it evolve.

  • What is the cost of a custom application?

    By definition, custom software is built to fit the requirements of a particular business that may vary greatly. The cost will depend on the app's complexity, required third-party integrations, and support. We will be glad to discuss your project and estimate the cost of our development services in your case.

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