Need more resources or expertise to boost your software development activities? Our software outsourcing company can help you! Peiko’s talented engineers will provide you with a high-quality solution to level up your business growth and give you an edge over the competitors.

Software Development Outsourcing Services We Offer

Our outsource software development company provides a wide variety of services for clients from different industries. We’ve worked with companies from real estate, healthcare, media, and FinTech. Most of our clients deal with blockchain technologies and crypto services.

Business Requirements Analysis
Our analysts will assist you during the discovery stage of the project, defining and researching your business needs. Thus, the whole software development process will take the right direction from the start.

Startup Development
There have been quite a few startups among our clients. With all that experience, we know the best ways to build software for such businesses.

Full-cycle Software Development
Our software development outsourcing services encompass the entire software development lifecycle, from setting project requirements to maintenance and support.

Architecture & Design
Our engineers will design a robust software architecture that will support business scalability. Also, Peiko’s UI and UX experts will ensure your software is easy to use and engaging.

The Available Cooperation Models

Peiko can cooperate with your organization in different ways depending on your business goals and available in-house resources. Pick the model that suits you most!

Staff Augmentation
With our help, you can get the software experts to augment your team. Those professionals will have the specifications, skills, and experiences you require. They will fit your development process seamlessly and become a part of your team until the project’s completion.

Dedicated Team
We can not only provide you with individual software development experts but also create a full-fledged team tailored specifically for your needs. The task allocation and workflow management are entirely in your hands.

Project-based Model
Together we agree on the software specs and project timeline. Then our outsourcing development company will use its expertise and experience to build the solution you need. Meanwhile, you can focus on your other business objectives while keeping an eye on our progress.

Why Should You Outsource Software Development?

Partnering with an outsource software development company has significant benefits. Here are the main advantages such a decision can have for your business.

  • Reduce Costs

    It takes time and lots of money to find and train new software development experts for your in-house team. The outsourcing companies offer larger talent pools and have vast recruitment experience. On top of it, they provide their employees with all the necessary infrastructure. Therefore, you spend less money and waste no time getting help from top-notch specialists.

  • Get Access to Extra Expertise

    Software outsourcing services make external experts readily available. Specialized companies have extensive experience in building software for specific domains or using niche technologies. For instance, they might help you with the UX design or big data analysis. You can tap into that unique and proven expertise with a reliable partner.

  • Boost your Flexibility

    Outsourcing makes scaling your team up easy. No need to spend time and effort accommodating new in-house specialists. Thus, you can efficiently deal with niche and short-term projects. The professionals from Peiko software outsourcing company will do their best to blend into your processes quickly and efficiently.

How do we provide our software outsourcing services?

Here are the key steps of software development outsourcing with Peiko.


  • Choosing the Most Suitable Methodology

    The size of the project, its complexity, timeframe, and budget influence our choice of the development model. We analyze all those factors to decide, for instance, whether we will use SCRUM or Agile methodology.

  • Defining Project Specifications

    At this stage, we do our best to compile a comprehensive and unambiguous list of project requirements. We often supplement technical specifications with the wireframes of the future product’s screens to give an idea about its possible look and features.

  • Developing Software

    When the requirements are clear and the timeframe is agreed upon, we commence software development. We at Peiko value our reputation and are committed to delivering high-quality work while meeting predetermined deadlines. Our team will keep you informed on our progress.

  • Testing

    We consider testing to be an essential step in every project. Unless your Quality Assurance efforts are high quality and in line with the development process, the resulting solution may not meet your expectations. Therefore, we test your software thoroughly and fix all bugs we find.

The Advantages of Peiko Software Outsourcing Company

Top-notch talents

Top-notch talents

Our rigorous recruitment model and a big talent pool ensure the high quality of professionals in your project team. The versatility of their experience will provide them with all the required knowledge and skills.
Focus on the result

Focus on the result

Our specialists take pride in their work and always finish the projects they begin. We strive to create software solutions that help our clients grow their businesses and achieve their objectives.
Transparent and Efficient Communication

Transparent and Efficient Communication

Our outsourcing development company maintains regular communication with the clients, using the format and tools most suitable for them. You will be able to monitor the progress of your project.
Scalability and Resilience

Scalability and Resilience

We always have a reserve of specialists who aren’t a part of your project but are familiar with its peculiarities. Thus, we can augment the team involved or replace some of its members, ensuring the completion of your project.
Experience in Various Domains

Experience in Various Domains

The list of our clients’ industries ranges from e-commerce to blockchain. We are aware of domain-specific nuances, which speed up our work and boost its quality.
Profound expertise

Profound expertise

Peiko completed multiple projects of varying complexity. We create custom web and mobile applications when there are no ready-made solutions on the market.

Our Software Development Process

These are the key stages of building a software solution with our outsource software development company.


  • Defining requirements

    A dedicated manager interviews the client about the project. Together with the business analyst and other experts, this specialist formulates the customer’s business needs.

  • Discussing and refining the requirements

    Our development team thoroughly analyses the clients’ needs, determining points of growth and development for the future product. Also, our experts can look into monetization peculiarities if the project requires it.

  • Task estimation

    Our software development experts define what has to be done to achieve the project goals. At this stage, we estimate the order of the tasks and the project’s timeframe.

  • Software solution creation

    The software engineers build your solution and test it according to the predetermined plan. Regular reports and calls keep you updated about the progress.

Technologies we use





React JS

React JS



Node JS

Node JS

Vue JS

Vue JS




  • What is the most effective cooperation model for software outsourcing services?

    Each cooperation model has its specific features. The choice depends on your business requirements and the specifications of your project. We can augment your team with individual specialists, offer a dedicated team, or build a solution according to your requirements. Contact us for help, our experts will look into your case and suggest the most suitable option.

  • How does your company manage the time zone differences?

    Peiko works with clients from all over the world. That’s why managing the time zone differences isn’t new to us. We set up communication channels and define the regularity of our meetings with the customers from the beginning. Also, we use project management tools so that every member of our team and our clients are on the same page.

  • Why should a company outsource its software development?

    Outsourcing provides a convenient and quick way to access external software development experts. If businesses outsource software development services, they get the guarantees of getting work done. The vendors take full responsibility for the outcomes of projects. They have large pools of professionals and compile project teams with the specialists most suitable for particular cases. That boosts both the quality and the speed of development.

  • What are the types of software development outsourcing?

    Software development outsourcing comes in various shapes and sizes. Therefore, you can find different classifications of these services. If you use the relations between client and outsourcing company as the cornerstone, you may define such models as staff augmentation, dedicated team, or project-based outsourcing.

  • What type of projects can be outsourced?

    In theory, you can outsource almost any type of web or mobile development project. In reality, most businesses leave the database and network administration to the in-house teams. However, aside from that, any project outside the core business functions of your company is a candidate for outsourcing.

  • How much control over my project do I hand over to the outsourcing development company?

    If you augment your staff with several external specialists, you retain full control over the project. The same goes for hiring a dedicated team. In this case, you allocate tasks and manage the workflow. However, you can also hand over the entire project to us. We will keep you informed on the project’s progress.

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