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DevOps Service

DevOps provides business with the ability to quickly implement ideas and test hypotheses through the software automation process. Unlike the classical approach, where due to different goals and tasks of developers, system administrators and support, the development and implementation deadlines are often overdue, DevOps provides a quick and easy solution. Besides, this approach helps optimize the internal IT infrastructure in the constantly changing environment of marketing.

DevOps Methods
The DevOps methods that we use shorten the implementation time of IT infrastructure elements and simplify support for the system as a whole. For each method, various tools are provided, among which the team selects the most suitable ones for the goals and scale of each project.
Integration And Deploy
For the DevOps project, we gather a team that works in a continuous product improvement cycle: fixes bugs and issues updates as necessary. Not on schedule but according to current necessity.
Our developers use shared repositories to merge the changes made to the code. Inside the repository, the product is assembled and tested automatically, after that it is ready to be deployed. Due to this production approach, all updates come out more often, with minimum errors and compatibility problems, which often happens with the classical method of development.
Use Of Microservices
As part of our DevOps culture, we write microservices for each function. The data exchange occurs through the API. Thus within a single IT system, individual services receive incoming data, process it and present the result in a format that can be easily understood by the user. Because of that, a failure in one such service does not affect the performance of the others.
When a software product consists of such separate blocks, it is easier to find and correct errors. In addition to reducing support costs, it opens up almost limitless opportunities for modernizing software through the development of new microservices, changing the order of their launch, and work optimization.
Automation-Based Approach To Infrastructure Management
By offering DevOps services, we suggest a specific method of software development cycle automation that would be applied to the IT-infrastructure network management of servers and workstations.
Developers and system administrators are moving away from manual configuration, which requires a lot of time and resources, to software automation. For many tasks, it is more profitable to write a script that will perform a certain set of actions, and run it as necessary. Examples of such DevOps method: auto-tuning scripts for workstations, hosts, microservice updates.
Using DevOps method is effective because it is based on user experience.
From the very first stage of software development, our team integrates metrics and keeps logs to monitor how various changes affect the end user’s performance and overall project productivity. Systematic monitoring gives important data that affects dev-plan. Its results help to focus on the important features and not spend resources on secondary processes.
Advantages of working with us

Transparent UI

We use the best practices of UI / UX and make your product understandable to the user and eye catching


Even in conditions of gravity and high overload of servers, everything works like a charm


We eliminate any bugs once and for all. Because no one likes them.

Full QA cycle

Testing is the key to success, and we know this. None of our projects will be deployed without thorough testing.


We realize all the tasks with scary precision and accurate time frames

One of a kind solution

We don't apply any two solutions twice, because we always use a unique approach, and no one would like to see the same old solution.

Awards and laureates
Thanks to our experience and team, we have learned to create competitive applications, even if the customer needs everything and in the shortest possible time.
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