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How to Build Telegram Mini Apps: Comprehensive Guide

How to Build Telegram Mini Apps: Comprehensive Guide

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Telegram Mini Apps, or TMAs, are web-based applications operating within the Telegram messenger platform. 

TMAs include a technology that makes it very easy and native to run self-written web applications right inside Telegram. It also provides an API (application programming interface) for communication between your application and the messenger, making the solution fast and responsive.

In this brief, we will discover why you need such apps, what their main types are, and how to create them efficiently and reliably. The best development process starts with the discovery phase, followed by designing, implementing, testing, and maintaining the app after deployment. Let’s explore the development journey of Mini Applications together!

Telegram Mini Apps: definition and their purpose

Telegram is not just a messaging platform but also a versatile tool for various functions, from automated responses and news updates to weather forecasts, portfolio tracking, translation, gaming, and even Web3 wallets (CeFi, DeFi, NFT). This versatility has transformed Telegram into an essential communication channel for projects, businesses, and brands. Its chatbot capabilities are extensively utilized for onboarding new users, managing marketing campaigns, and streamlining sales processes.

Introducing Mini Applications marks the latest evolution in the Telegram ecosystem, expanding upon the foundation laid by bots. Mini Applications represent an expansion of Telegram bots, offering a web interface similar to traditional websites but with enhanced functionality and versatility. Positioned as a valuable asset for developers, the Telegram Mini Apps ecosystem aims to drive traffic, explore monetization avenues, and accelerate development through its centralized toolkit.

Telegram Mini Apps elevate the capabilities of conventional bots, operating as autonomous websites within a bot framework. They provide adaptable platforms supporting a diverse range of interfaces. Powered by Wallet, a Telegram-native self-custody crypto wallet, and Wallet Pay, a main payment network for Mini Applications, these apps also facilitate transactions through 20 payment providers (Google Pay, Apple Pay).

What makes Mini Applications significant? Firstly, it is Telegram's 900 million user base.

This huge user base, combined with its user-friendly interface and effortless onboarding procedures, positions it as an ideal platform for businesses seeking to forge new sales and marketing channels, boost engagement, and explore innovative monetization strategies. Mini Apps' flexibility allows them to cater to virtually any purpose traditionally served by standard websites. 

Currently, the marketplace of Mini Apps Telegram has 300+ officially published and promoted applications.

Mini Apps as bots on Telegram can be launched through various means, including keyboard buttons, inline buttons, bot menu buttons, inline mode, or direct links, ensuring seamless accessibility and user engagement.

What else distinguishes Telegram Mini Apps is their remarkable cross-platform compatibility. Operating as web-based applications, they seamlessly span across Android, iOS, PC, Mac, and Linux platforms with a simple click, obviating the necessity for additional installations. Applying the power of Telegram bots, these Mini Applications offer:

  • Interactive and automated experiences,
  • Prompt response to user input,
  • Execution of crypto Telegram transactions,
  • Facilitation of dynamic interactions within the app environment.

Developers of Web3 dApp (decentralized application) in the Peiko company can integrate TON SDK, TON Connect, and tokens into their Mini Apps projects. Why do Telegram Mini Apps TON startups have all the chances to succeed? TON (The Open Network) blockchain stands out for its exceptional scalability, handling high transaction volumes without compromising performance, rendering it an optimal technology for super apps. TON empowers the execution of smart contracts, facilitates the launch of dApps, and seamlessly integrates cryptocurrencies into the Mini App ecosystem.

Example of a successful app: new project from TON

Recently, we witnessed the astounding success of Notcoin, a Telegram Mini App that skyrocketed in popularity with an astonishing 35 million active users within a remarkably short span.

However, this was just the beginning. On April 1, the first season of The Open League started. This Mini App was developed to hold competitions for projects and their communities. The prize fund in TON tokens is at stake. It looks like the TON ecosystem is serious about conquering the crypto market and attracting more new developers and users.

In TONe's official application, The Open League, participants must complete the maximum number of tasks they can handle. Some are free: subscribe to channels, connect a crypto wallet, or invite friends using the referral system.

Projects compete based on indicators such as the TVL value—the total value of funds located within the system—and the number of holders and traders on the DEX. There are two leagues—small and large. The rules are the same as in many traditional tournaments, such as football. The weakest projects from the big league are relegated to the small league, and the best from the small league end up in the big league.

This is just one successful Telegram Mini App example, which is becoming increasingly common on the market.

In the section below, we will talk in more detail about the advantages of Telegram Mini Apps within the Web3 sector.

Advantages of Telegram Mini Apps within the Web3 framework

In the domain of Web3, Telegram Mini Apps emerge as powerful assets offering myriad advantages, reshaping the digital realm with innovative features. Here, we highlight the distinct advantages of integrating Telegram Mini Apps within the Web3 landscape:

Enhanced user experience

Telegram Mini Apps provide users with an intuitive and seamless experience directly within the Telegram platform. Their interface design and navigation fluidity enhance user engagement, creating a dynamic environment for interaction.

Extensive accessibility

Embedded within the Telegram messenger, Mini Applications leverage the platform's vast user base and global outreach. This broad accessibility ensures widespread exposure, allowing Mini Applications to cater to millions of users worldwide and maximizing their impact within the Web3 ecosystem.

Adaptive flexibility

Developers harness the versatility of Telegram Mini Apps to craft a diverse array of applications, spanning from decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms to gaming and social networking utilities. This adaptability fosters innovation, empowering developers to address varied user needs and fuel creativity within the Web3 community.

Seamless integration with Web3 technologies

Built upon web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Telegram Mini Apps seamlessly integrate with a spectrum of Web3 technologies, including blockchain and decentralized protocols. This Telegram integration unlocks new frontiers for decentralized applications and blockchain services, enriching the functionality and utility of Mini Apps.

Monetization opportunities

Telegram Mini Apps offer developers multiple options for monetization, including in-app purchases, subscription models, and ads. This enables developers to sustain their projects financially, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of innovative applications within the Web3 realm.

Robust security and privacy measures

Telegram upholds stringent security and privacy standards across Mini Apps, safeguarding user data with robust encryption protocols and protective measures. This commitment to security improves confidence and trust among users, ensuring a safe environment for digital interactions. 

Crypto community

For a decade, Telegram has been a bustling platform for crypto enthusiasts, fostering communities and discussions. With the advent of Telegram Mini Apps, various Web3 projects - ranging from GameFi and DeFi to decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and nonfungible token (NFT) ventures - can now cultivate dynamic, interactive environments.  

By the way, TON, the blockchain created by Telegram, is among the top 10 blockchains in terms of productivity and growth, making it a potential hub for the entire crypto community.

In general, the integration of Telegram Mini Apps within the Web3 landscape presents many advantages. As Mini Applications evolve, they are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of digital interactions within the Web3 ecosystem.

Use cases of Telegram Mini Apps

Within the versatile landscape of Telegram Mini Apps lies many potential applications across diverse industries and domains. In this section, we delve into compelling use cases that exemplify the breadth of possibilities afforded by Mini Applications. Also, we will consider the top Telegram Mini Apps list.

Decentralized finance platforms

Mini Applications can act as gateways to decentralized finance platforms, granting users access to features like lending, borrowing, and digital asset trading. By integrating with blockchain protocols, Mini Applications facilitate secure and transparent financial transactions within the Telegram ecosystem. 

Examples of apps: 

  • Hipo App
  • bemo
  • xRare

Gaming and entertainment

From casual Telegram games to interactive experiences, Mini Applications can transform Telegram into a hub for gaming and entertainment. Developers can use Mini Applications to craft multiplayer games, virtual realms, and immersive storytelling experiences, engaging users in captivating entertainment directly within the messaging platform. 

If these Telegram games are based on Web3, it is possible to connect an existing wallet or create a new one using its TON infrastructure. 

Let’s consider one example of such an app. The Sub&Invite Mini App is a gamification of a referral program. As a channel admin, you create a contest to invite more people and set a prize. The bot automatically determines the winner, and the admin distributes the award manually.

Examples of apps:

  • Battles
  • Tap Fantasy
  • Gatto

Social networking and community engagement

Mini Apps are platforms for building social networking and community engagement tools within Telegram. Developers can create a Telegram App for community forums, event coordination, group collaboration, and more, fostering meaningful interactions and connections among Telegram users.

Examples of apps:

  • Community
  • Whoflies

Productivity and utility tools

Mini Apps offer various productivity and utility tools to streamline workflows and everyday tasks. From task management and note-taking utilities to language translation and productivity trackers, Mini Applications empower users to enhance productivity and efficiency within the Telegram platform.

Examples of apps:

  • LingoPraxis
  • Translator
  • Pomodoro
  • Skeddy


With integrated payment gateways, Mini Applications can facilitate e-commerce transactions and retail experiences within Telegram. Merchants can develop Telegram Mini Apps for online stores, order management, customer support, and payment processing, enabling seamless shopping experiences for Telegram users.


  • Bounty Bay
  • GetYourTicket
  • Tickyton


Telegram Mini Apps offer a convenient and exciting way to meet new people and explore potential connections. What sets these Telegram Mini Apps for dating apart is their focus on privacy and security. With end-to-end encryption and strict verification processes, users can be confident that their personal information remains safe.

Examples of apps:

  • Towin
  • TON Dating
  • Teledate

Health and wellness

Mini Apps support users in maintaining their health and wellness objectives by providing access to fitness trackers, meditation aids, nutrition guides, and wellness resources. With features like goal tracking, workout routines, and health monitoring, Mini Applications empower users to prioritize their well-being directly within Telegram.

Examples of apps:

  • FitTracker
  • Breath of Calm
  • Water Reminder

This Telegram Mini Apps list shows the vast potential of these solutions. As developers innovate and explore new avenues, the applications of Mini App solutions within the Telegram ecosystem continue to expand. This promises exciting opportunities for user engagement, interaction, and utility.

Using Telegram Mini Apps for business advancements

The integration of Telegram Mini Apps offer many opportunities for enterprises to develop and expand their reach. Here's a closer look at how you can apply Telegram Mini Apps in the realm of business to engage the audience:

  • Telegram ads: One of the most noteworthy advantages of Telegram Mini Apps lies in their ability to attract audiences at a remarkably low cost. Businesses can effectively engage with their target group through Telegram advertising, amplifying brand visibility and market presence.
  • Viral techniques: Incorporating viral techniques within Telegram Mini Apps opens doors to creative marketing endeavors. From organizing tournaments and competitions to fostering interactive experiences with friends, these techniques foster user engagement and promote the brand, driving organic growth.
  • Partnership opportunities: Within the Telegram ecosystem, partnership relations thrive, offering ample opportunities for collaboration with prominent projects. Businesses can use these partnerships to tap into larger networks, expand their market reach, and explore synergistic ventures for mutual growth.

Moreover, integrating Mini Applications with TON unlocks many business functionalities and revenue streams. Here are some key capabilities:

  • Commission-based transactions: Businesses can generate revenue by imposing commissions on transactions conducted through their Mini Apps, providing a sustainable monetization model.
  • Token creation and sales: Mini Applications empower businesses to create and list their tokens, enabling token sales directly within their applications. This also enhances user engagement.
  • Fiat integration: Seamless integration of fiat currency within Telegram Mini Apps enables businesses to cater to a broader audience, facilitating transactions in both digital and traditional currencies.
  • NFT-based gaming and payments: Telegram Mini Apps offer the flexibility to develop games and integrate payment mechanisms using non-fungible tokens. This fosters immersive gaming experiences while unlocking new revenue streams through NFT-based transactions.

In general, the integration of Telegram Mini Apps revolutionizes traditional business models, offering a dynamic platform for innovation, collaboration, and revenue generation in the digital age.

Main steps to develop Telegram Mini Apps

Building Mini Applications demands a methodical approach to guarantee a streamlined and effective development process. Below, we mentioned the primary stages we follow at Peiko to create the best Telegram Mini Apps. 

Idea conceptualization

Initiate the process by delineating the purpose and extent of your Mini App. Determine your target demographic, essential features, and functionalities. At Peiko, we always undertake market analysis to grasp user preferences and needs and chart a definitive course for development.

Designing the user interface

Designers craft an intuitive and visually captivating user interface for your Mini App. They deliberate on aspects like layout, navigation, and accessibility to provide a seamless user journey. They also create wireframes and prototypes to visualize the design prior to execution.


At Peiko, we use the robust tech stack for project implementation. For Mini App development, we use the same technologies as for web development. Our key stack includes the following technologies:

  • Frontend: React/Next.JS, Vue.JS/Nuxt.
  • Backend: Node.JS.

We also add Telegram-specific APIs and SDKs to integrate with the Telegram platform and exploit its features seamlessly. Per your Mini App's requisites, we add functionalities like messaging, file sharing, Apple/Google Pay, push notifications, and user authentication. All these integrations are configured via BotFather.

Quality assurance

Conduct comprehensive testing to find any bugs or glitches within your Mini App. Verify compatibility across diverse devices and screen dimensions to ensure uniform user experiences. Execute usability trials to garner feedback from real users and incorporate improvements based on their insights.


Upon completion of testing and validation, deploy your Mini App to the Telegram platform. Adhere to Telegram's deployment guidelines when submitting your Mini App to the App Center or merging it with existing Telegram channels or groups. It is essential to monitor your Mini App's performance post-deployment and make requisite updates as necessary.

Maintenance and support

Our experts can maintain and update your Mini App to maintain its functionality and relevance. We monitor user feedback and analytics to identify areas for enhancement and integrate new features or refinements accordingly. We also remain abreast of Telegram platform updates and adjust your Mini App correspondingly to ensure continued compatibility and performance.

By adhering to these fundamental steps, you can develop Telegram Mini Apps proficiently, translating your concepts into reality. If you lack the technical exeprtise to create such solutions, turn to reliable software development company like Peiko. We will create the app that end-users will like. Just contact us and leave your request.

Best development tools for building Mini Apps

The creation of Mini Applications necessitates utilizing cutting-edge development tools to streamline the process and enhance efficiency. Here, we added a selection of premier development resources tailored for building efficient Mini Applications:

Telegram Bot API

You can use the Telegram Bot API to integrate your Mini App with the Telegram platform seamlessly. This comprehensive Telegram API offers a myriad of functionalities, including message handling, user authentication, and media sharing, facilitating robust interactions within your Mini App.


Explore Telegraf.js, a powerful framework for building Telegram bots and Mini Apps using Node.js. With its extensive feature set and intuitive syntax, Telegraf.js simplifies Mini App development. It enables developers to focus on crafting compelling user experiences without getting bogged down in tech intricacies.


Initiate the creation of your Mini App by interacting with BotFather, Telegram's official bot creation tool. BotFather provides developers with essential resources and guidance for setting up and managing their Mini Apps. This streamlines the initial stages of development.

Wallet SDK

Integrate Wallet SDK, Telegram's native self-custodial crypto wallet, into your Mini App to facilitate secure and seamless cryptocurrency transactions. With Wallet SDK, developers can empower users to manage their digital assets directly within the Telegram ecosystem, enhancing the utility of their crypto Telegram Apps. 

Web development tools

Use a suite of robust web development tools, including JavaScript, PHP, and Python, to design and implement the user interface and functionality of your Mini App. You can utilize frameworks like React.js or Vue.js to expedite the development and ensure a responsive and visually appealing user experience.

Payment gateways

Integrate payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, or cryptocurrency payment processors into your Mini App to facilitate seamless transactions and monetization opportunities. By offering multiple payment options, developers can cater to diverse user preferences and maximize revenue potential.

Analytics and monitoring tools

Deploy analytics and monitoring tools like Google Analytics or Sentry to track user engagement, monitor performance, and troubleshoot issues in real time. Developers can optimize their Mini Applications for enhanced user satisfaction and longevity by gaining insights into user behavior and app performance.

Using these best-in-class development tools, developers can streamline the creation process of Mini Apps, delivering compelling and immersive experiences within the Telegram ecosystem.

Factors to consider developing a Telegram Mini App

When building a Telegram Mini App, it's vital to consider a range of factors beyond the ordinary development process:


Much like in traditional custom development, integrating various components demands meticulous attention. Each integration aspect must be thoroughly grasped and executed to guarantee seamless functionality.

Authorization protocol

Understanding the authorization process within the Telegram ecosystem is essential. This involves adhering strictly to Telegram's guidelines and protocols for user authentication and access control.

Server configuration and architecture

Standard server setups and architectures may prove unsuitable when confronted with a substantial user base. Since Telegram Mini Apps operate independently from Telegram's infrastructure, establishing robust server configurations and architectures tailored to manage anticipated user traffic efficiently is essential.

The version of the solution

Depending on the project's objectives and target audience, determining whether a mobile or web-based solution is preferable is crucial. Factors such as user accessibility, functionality, and performance should guide the decision-making process.

Telegram Mini Apps and their future

Looking forward, the trajectory of Telegram Mini Apps promises a landscape ripe for innovation and evolution. Here's a sneak peek into what lies on the horizon:

  1. Diversified features: The forthcoming iterations of Telegram Mini Apps are poised to introduce many novel features and functionalities. Expect to witness advancements such as enriched multimedia support, immersive augmented reality (AR) experiences, and deeper integration with external platforms and services.
  2. Elevated performance standards: As technological prowess continues to improve, anticipate future Telegram Mini Apps will raise the bar in terms of performance and responsiveness. Employing cutting-edge optimization methodologies, these Mini Applications will ensure seamless user experiences, even under bandwidth constraints or on resource-constrained devices.
  3. Tailored user experiences: The forthcoming Mini Applications are likely to offer users an expanded array of customization options, empowering them to tailor their app encounters to align with their distinct preferences. From customizable themes and layouts to adjustable settings, users will relish the ability to curate bespoke app environments.
  4. Enhanced security: Unlike regular web apps hosted on various servers, Telegram Mini Apps benefit from added layers of security. They integrate with the security features of the Telegram platform itself, ensuring robust protection for user data and interactions. So, users will not need to use a VPN, like Hamster VPN, to encrypt their online activities.
  5. Seamless Telegram integration: The future of Mini Applications is poised to witness deeper integration with the core Telegram platform. This will foster seamless transitions and leveraging Telegram's extensive user base and feature set. 
  6. Applying emerging technologies: With the maturation of emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT), expect to witness their seamless integration into the future Telegram Mini Apps. This integration will lead to novel functionalities and use cases.
  7. Global adoption: Leveraging Telegram's expansive global user base, Mini Applications are primed for widespread adoption on a global scale. As users worldwide embrace the convenience and versatility of Mini Apps, these digital solutions will seamlessly embed themselves into the digital reality of millions worldwide.

In general, the future of Telegram Mini Apps is bright and filled with various possibilities and opportunities for both developers and users alike. As the Mini App ecosystem continues to burgeon, anticipate a digital landscape enriched by creativity and utility.

Peiko is your best partner for developing Telegram Mini Apps

Peiko is a reliable blockchain and software development company that can help you craft Telegram Mini Apps. Here's why entrusting us with your Mini App development endeavors is the smart decision:

Expertise in the Telegram ecosystem
Our team boasts an in-depth understanding and extensive hands-on experience within the Telegram ecosystem. Equipped with profound insights into Telegram's APIs, guidelines, and best practices, we ensure your Mini App not only meets but exceeds Telegram's exacting standards while delivering impeccable performance.

Vast portfolio
At Peiko, we can showcase many successful projects, such as Quan2um, executed according to the highest quality standards. Our portfolio attests to our capability to navigate different challenges and consistently deliver superlative outcomes. 

Tailored approach
Recognizing the unique essence of each Mini App venture, we embrace a bespoke approach tailored to your precise requirements and aspirations. Our collaborative journey begins with deeply understanding your vision, allowing us to sculpt solutions that resonate with your ethos and outshine your expectations.

Prompt delivery
Time of our clients is of the essence, and we respect that. Using agile development methodologies, we streamline the development lifecycle to eliminate bottlenecks, uphold deadlines, and deliver your Mini App promptly without compromising quality.

Transparent communication
Communication is a vital aspect of our partnership. We uphold transparency throughout the development process, keeping clients abreast of progress, milestones, and potential challenges. We foster an environment of trust and collaboration.

Unwavering support
Our commitment extends beyond project delivery. With dedicated support and maintenance services, we stand by your side, ensuring your Mini App remains high-performing, secure, and relevant long after its inception.

Bonus: helpful resources

If you have reached the end of the article, we offer you a list of useful resources that will definitely be useful to you when designing Mini Apps:

At Peiko, we are always ready to assist you with the creation of a reliable and efficient Telegram Mini App. So, turn to us for free consultation.


Telegram's embrace of Mini Applications paves the way for a future where web applications seamlessly integrate with messaging platforms. This unlocks many possibilities for user engagement, seamless interaction, and immersive experiences.

Are you prepared to propel the decentralized future forward and contribute to the mass adoption of Web3 through the boundless potential of Telegram Mini Apps? Delve deeper into the realm of Mini Applications at Engage in discussions and stay abreast of the latest advancements by following the official Telegram Mini Apps X account. And, of course, you can always turn to this comprehensive Telegram Mini App tutorial.

If you are looking for a reliable software creation team to create a Mini App for Telegram, we are here. Our team of application development experts has extensive experience in creating quality and functional solutions. We understand how important it is to provide your users with a convenient and interesting experience on Telegram, and we are ready to help you with this. Contact us today, and let's get started on your Telegram Mini App!

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