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Best Blockchain Development Company in the World in 2024

Best Blockchain Development Company in the World in 2024

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Currently, blockchain is one of the most breakthrough technologies, and it is the best for launching projects that require security, reliability,  transparency, and decentralization.


In 2024 and beyond, blockchain will be used in various areas. This includes finance, supply management, real estate, accounting, voting, cybersecurity, healthcare, and other fields. According to forecasts, blockchain projects are the most promising way to start a profitable business. 


Now, numerous blockchain development companies have surfaced, but it is not easy to pick the trusted agency to develop high-quality solutions. 


Let us introduce Peiko, a reliable and experienced blockchain and software development team. In this brief overview, we will shed light on who we are and elucidate how our proficiency can be helpful in successfully bringing your blockchain-based business project to life.

Peiko is recognized as the top blockchain development firm

Although blockchain is a relatively new technology, its use is taking over the market astonishingly.


Statista experts note the rapid development of the market. As of 2017, it was estimated below $1 billion, but analysts expect in 2027, the figure will exceed $163 billion.

The demand for experts in the field of blockchain solutions is increasing from year to year. But here, the question arises: "How do you choose the top blockchain app development company to ensure the successful implementation of the idea?". We are a Peiko company, and we are trusted by clients from all over the globe.


Why is Peiko among the best blockchain developers in 2024? Since Peiko's establishment in 2017, we have gained trust as a reliable and professional blockchain development provider specializing in web3, blockchain, and DeFi (decentralized finance) solutions.


Our team of qualified specialists is dedicated to propelling our customers towards success, assisting them in surpassing increasingly ambitious objectives. This is attributed to our crew of highly skilled employees. They all profoundly understand their craft and derive satisfaction from accomplishing tasks that may seem impossible.


Below, you can see some of our recognitions:

  • Peiko was ranked as the number one blockchain development team by Clutch, a leading reviews and ratings platform for the IT sector. 
  • Recognized as a top-level blockchain development firm, according to GoodFirms.
  • Acknowledged among the top B2B Global leaders by Clutch.
  • Included in the list of the Top 500 Fastest Growing Software Developers by TopDevelopers.
  • Recognized among 3 blockchain companies in the United Kingdom that stand out for excellence and positive feedback according to the TechBehemoths analytic company, and more. 

We provide full-cycle blockchain development services, including the following: 


  • Crypto wallets and exchanges creation,
  • Smart contracts development,
  • Creating NFT marketplaces and games,
  • Making blockchain games, 
  • DeFi solutions creation,
  • Development of blockchain for enterprises, 
  • Cryptocurrency or token creation,
  • ICO (initial coin offering) launching, and more. 


We provide our services for large projects as well as for small businesses. We are open to mutual cooperation and discussing any of your boldest ideas.

Peiko’s core values

Here are the fundamental attributes that define the Peiko team, distinguishing us as the best outsourcing company for blockchain development. These distinctive qualities serve as the pillars of our success, placing us in the lead of the industry. 


Our commitment to innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction is what sets us apart and contributes to our recognition in the blockchain development field.


Our priority is to cultivate a team-oriented environment where diverse skills converge to accomplish shared objectives. Peiko has professionals of the highest level, including designers, senior front-end and back-end developers, QA testers, DevOps experts, and business analysts. 



Peiko is devoted to delivering quality blockchain solutions that transcend our clients' expectations. We always strive for excellence and use the best tech stack for our projects. Our experts conduct meticulous testing procedures and continuous exploration of technological advancements to ensure the solutions meet the highest standards.



The success of our clients is our mission. We prioritize client needs and ensure satisfaction through flexible and effective solutions.  Our team closely collaborates with our customers and measures our final results by their contentment.



At the core of our principles, we emphasize the importance of being adaptable to cater to the constantly changing blockchain technology landscape. Our flexibility is integral to our development processes, allowing us to pivot and recalibrate our strategies based on emerging trends and the needs of our clients.



At Peiko, we know that upholding open and honest communication, internally and with clients, is vital to building trust and fostering collaboration. Our customers are always informed of updates through the development process, and we together discuss and changes. 



We believe creative thinking and staying abreast of technological advancements are crucial for each top blockchain app development company to deliver cutting-edge business solutions. Therefore, Peiko’s specialists do not stand still but are constantly enhancing skills and learning new things.


At Peiko, we aim to provide both startups and established brands with opportunities for growth and exceptional results. By harnessing the technological solutions and business tools developed by our company, we aspire to pave the way for future profits and success.

Our most successful projects in 2024

Over the years, we have created an immersive portfolio of successful projects. Peiko can boast a remarkable history of having successfully implemented more than 189 projects for companies and startups globally. Many of our blockchain projects have already been completed, and some existing projects are on ongoing support. 


We are pleased to share the information about our latest blockchain projects with you.

Orion Protocol

The primary goal was to establish a user-friendly DeFi investment system. The platform's core is an exchange data aggregator facilitating swift one-click purchases of the best bids. Additionally, the platform needed to offer seamless management of crypto portfolios with real-time tracking of cryptocurrency rate changes.



  • Implemented the Bridge mechanism for token transfers between networks.
  • Adapted service architecture for scalability.
  • Developed and integrated an SDK (software development kit) for project service operations.
  • Implemented a comprehensive network scanning mechanism.
  • We optimized the interaction between the blockchain and project services.


Our task was to create an efficient and swift wallet that not only securely stores cryptocurrencies but also facilitates secure exchanges. The wallet should support a diverse range of popular coins, allowing users to seamlessly convert them into fiat currency and transfer funds across blockchains with minimal fees.



  • Developed a REST API based on existing functionality.
  • Implemented additional technical features to meet new requirements.
  • We remodeled the main website with alterations in the tech stack.
  • Provided seamless integration with selected partners.
  • Implemented a new workflow on the management side.

In this section, we have already highlighted our recent blockchain projects. But we can't resist sharing with you some success stories completed earlier.

Bitcoin Additional

The main goal of this crypto wallet creation was to guarantee the security of currency transactions. We should also present users with an exceptionally user-friendly interface, making the app accessible even to beginners.


The key challenge in the Bitcoin Additional project was ensuring the application's security. For fintech products, safeguarding user data is of utmost importance. Hence, experts in our best private blockchain development company adopted industry top practices to ensure security at the bank level.



  • Developed a reliable cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Created a Contact Book for Wallet Users.
  • Enabled QR code transfers.
  • Implemented Shake-to-pay functionality (a quick smartphone rub for instant transactions to the nearest user).
  • Deployed algorithms to detect and rectify vulnerabilities in the application.
  • Executed database coding.
  • Established a community from scratch, accumulating thousands of active users.


Our mission was to create a trading platform enabling real-time market monitoring, price control within market averages, and ensuring liquidity for swift currency transactions. Paramount to the Quan2um project was guaranteeing the safety of users' funds.


Introducing and promoting the platform's cryptocurrency, BTCA, posed a unique challenge. Additionally, implementing a resource management system with adaptable settings, facilitating role management, coin and trading pair control, and a versatile system for executing trades among users were critical aspects.



  • Implemented a sophisticated logic for partitioning and isolating project components to enhance overall safety and integrity.
  • Provided a proprietary mechanism for listing novel coins and presenting currency pairs.
  • Utilized trading robots for internal trading and interaction with other exchanges to bolster liquidity.
  • Deployed an in-house order-matching mechanism.
  • Introduced an admin area with an intricate role division mechanism and feature limitations for each role.
  • Enabled P2P translations within the exchange platform.
  • Implemented a secure mechanism for managing reserves via cloud nodes for heightened security.
  • Developed a progressive loyalty system based on user commissions.

Our reputation and great experience creating blockchain solutions are highly rated on Clutch (5/5 on Clutch and 5/5 on GoodFirms) and proven by our clients. As you can see, our customer reviews speak for themselves.

Managing starts - our founders

Peiko was founded by two entrepreneurs from Ukraine who invested in this business with all their extensive experience and expertise in the tech sector. 


Recognizing a deficit in reliable and skilled software development experts in the IT industry, the founders identified the crucial need for professionals who could approach projects with a sense of responsibility and professionalism. Usually, large-scale projects demand continuous support and maintenance, so they require an experienced and well-coordinated team. The solution was found, and Peiko became exactly such a team.


In an in-depth interview with GoodFirms, the co-founder and CBDO (chief business development officer) of the company details the inspiring trajectory and triumphs of Peiko. So, you can read it to discover more.

Main goals in 2025

To define the course for Peiko in the coming years, we should consider that the global market is unpredictable now, but the Peiko team has a positive view of the future. We have an ambitious plan to enter the "Global Outsourcing 100 - Rising Stars" rankings by IOAP (Institutional Open Access Program) and secure a spot among the top 500 participants by 2027-2028.


This goal serves as a beacon for our best outsourcing company for blockchain development. It motivates us to overcome challenges and aspire for even more remarkable accomplishments in the future. 


We want to look back on the last decade with immense pride, recognizing Peiko's remarkable achievements as a leading player in the industry. Our team aims to build cutting-edge software and blockchain solutions that stand out in the market and benefit our clients and end users.

The custom software development process at Peiko

Peiko's custom blockchain development process is designed to meet diverse client needs with precision and innovation. Below are the key stages that define our approach. Following them, our best private blockchain development company delivers tailored solutions that generate profit for our clients.


We kick off with a deep analysis, turning your business ideas into clear goals. We value every client's uniqueness, offering flexible solutions for startups, established businesses, and large projects. Our flexible development model allows seamless scaling up or down at any point. This ensures adaptability without extra charges.


At this stage, we bring your vision to life through meticulous UX/UI (user experience/user interface) design and advanced blockchain programming. Our skilled team collaborates to craft solutions tailored to your specific needs. Thanks to our modern design practices and leveraging the robust tech stack, your blockchain solution will work seamlessly and stand out on the market.

Quality assurance

Our commitment to quality transcends functionality. Peiko’s experts aim for perfection in every line of code. We incorporate rigorous testing processes and audits of smart contracts. That guarantees that your software will meet the highest industry standards of security and lowers, to a minimum, the chances of cyber threats. 


Even after release, Peiko takes care of your project. Our experts will offer consistent support when your project goes live. This ensures your solution's long-term and seamless performance, providing peace of mind for the future. So, your product will be scalable, adapted to a growing workload, and compatible with the latest technologies. 


With our best outsourcing blockchain development company, your project is not just developed; it's improved for sustained excellence.


Peiko comprises a passionate team of professionals who derive satisfaction from crafting top-tier blockchain solutions. Our distinction as a prominent top blockchain development company 2024, acknowledged by Clutch, GoodFirms, and other rating and review companies, is a source of pride and testament to our recognized work. 


We wish to express our gratitude to each of our partners for their unwavering support over the years. Our advances wouldn't have been possible without your valuable collaboration and trust!

Anticipating new challenges, the Peiko team is eager to unravel complex challenges. If you possess an ambitious concept for a blockchain project and are looking for “how to start a crypto business,” feel free to contact us. We're poised to be your ideal development partner, aiming to fulfill all your development requirements.

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